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Paper Tape
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Lenovo Z710 no nVidia GeForce 745m...?

So there is my problem.


I bought Z710 with no OS. I bought and installed Win 7 HP and started downloading all drivers from Lenovo support site.


Yet still after I have installed every single driver, my georgous Lenovo won't find graphic card, except for Intel's HD 4600.


Even GeForce Experience can't detect it..


I tried Device Manager, AIDA and some other softs and STILL NO TRACE OF MY GEFORCE?!


Is there any possibilty that I have bought Z710 which suppose to have geforce but doesn't?





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Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo Z710 no nVidia GeForce 745m...?

Well... if you are desperate... assuming anything is possible.....

Have you taken off the back cover of your z710 and eyeballed the graphic chip? Once you take the back cover off, looks like it is under the copper heatsink pipe/rod, which touches the Intel CPU and I would bet the second chip it touches is the graphic processor. Follow the Lenovo service manual to remove the heatsink - it is blocking the chip label.

The nVidia chip looks like this:

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