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Punch Card
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Lenovo battery drain during gaming

Hello guys,


Got Lenovo Y50-70 Touch laptop. So my problem is Battery drain during gaming. While my laptop is plugged in on power supply it still drains battery for example when I play "Dying Light". Any ideas why? please help. 

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Re: Lenovo battery drain during gaming

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


What are the specifications of the charger / adapter you are using (voltage and amperage) ?


If it is a low wattage it may not be keeping up with the resource demands the laptop is requiring during gaming.  If the laptop is drawing more power than the charger / adapter can supply then it is drawing on the battery for the extra power.  I had a similar issue with another brand of laptop I owned and resolved the issue by upgrading the charger / adapter from 90 watt to 120 watt.  In my situation it would drain the battery just surfing the net and viewing videos for an extended period of time.  A side benefit of the higher wattage adapter is that it will charge the battery faster. 


In checking the Hardware Maintenance Manual for your model it is shows that your computer could have been shipped with either a 45 watt adapter or a 135 watt adapter.  I suspect you have the 45 watt unit.  Please see page #97 of the manual for the adapter specifications.   Here is a link to that manual....

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Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo battery drain during gaming

my charger 135w on 6.75A which is original one and as Iv already read, it should be optimal for my laptop. 


btw i have also found a new info about Hybrid Power Boost. is that kind of thing build inside y50-70. 

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