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Paper Tape
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Lenovo p580 parts. (help with which parts)

Hello, i have a Lenovo p580 laptop 15.6", its about 5 y/o. Machine type Model : CTO
The laptop fell on the floor and it is a little broken (just the frame tho).
I was thinking of buying new casing for the whole computer.

1. Can i replace the screen with a touchscreen instead ? (not some addon, just new screen), and if so could you show me a link.
2. Can i buy annother casing that my parts will fit in, i want to have it slim(i dont need the cd drive so its no problem removing it)
3. Where is the best place to buy theese things, i live in iceland so i would order it online because we dont have alot of shops that have the specific parts i need.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo p580 parts. (help with which parts)

You should purchase an old p580 off of ebay. A touch screen for sure won't work without significant hardware changes and it's unlikely that the components of your old PC (Other than ram, hard drive or maybe network card) will fit in another laptop case. You could probably find one for under $100.

Good luck!

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