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Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

I have a lenovo ideapad 1st 2 month using my lenovo i already encountered problem,my screen suddenly give me blabk screen and shutdown..

next problem is, while i am palying games it suddenly scramble the picture and some lines then shutdown.and when i open it there's no display. so i went to the service center since it is under warranty and they said it is the LCD is the problem so they replace the LCD,it takes a month just to replace LCD. DELL only takes next business day..

next problem that i encounter is my 500gb HDD suddenly crushes while i am using my laptop,when i restart my laptop,there no boot anymore, i though it is just a virus but when i listen to the HDD there's already a sound like scratch sound inside si i need to replace my HDD.

next problem is the bottom case where the hinge are screw, it was broken totaly broken(right side)when i go to the service center they said it is not covered by the warranty. so i fix it my self i put some glue on it to fix it.


the last problem and very serious problem that everyone encountered and no solution is that my ATI radeon just crash down/or not working good and giving abnormal heat.

when i installed ATI driver and restart it it give me black screen after the windows logo, with battery and powe adapter on it, but when i use only the battery it boots normally, but when i plug my power adapter on it, it just hang/freezes then shutdown.

but if dont install the ATI driver it works fine and with battery and power adapter on it.

Every LENOVO IDEAPAD user encounter this problem but the LENOVO has no ways to solve this kind of issue.


and worst service support.

hope Lenovo can replace the laptop since it is INTERNAL problem..

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

honestly I had the same situation , different laptop in 2017 . really Lenovo is really disappointed
they don't want to replace after 4 times of trying to fix at the warranty, i would never buy Lenovo product anymore , will try my max to warn people from buying , and also 1 key got broken from the shipping to fix and shipping to me back , wish they fix it and fix the problem and fix the track pad , honestly i have a lot of hate inside of him toward this company



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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

Agree ! Fully regret

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

Worst computers ever!!!!!

Z50-70 and ideapad 310 stay away, they don't work. Bran new models all have unresolved problems

Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

Can I count how much thread like this show up in Lenovo?


No, I can't... Too much to count...


Can I count how much thread like this show up in Another Laptop Brand?


No, I can't... Too much to count...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

They really are the worst laptops, ever. I purchased the y40-70 which had firmware vulnerabilities AND shipped with malware (superfish). Per lenovo's recommendation, I updated my BIOS. However, the update created bugs in my firmware and I can no longer access the BIOS options. On top of that, I paid for the super expensive "factory reset disc" (which is just a USB drive) to downgrade my firmware, but the restoration disk is only recognized by a 32-bit system. Easy peasy, right? All I have to do is change the setting in BIOS and boot from the USB... oh wait, I can't access my BIOS. Thanks Lenovo!

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

I bought an Ideapad 310.

- its fan is running all the time and making an annoying noise.

- vertical lines appeared on the screen  after a year.

- 10 min after windows signing in, the HDD usage is 100% and the laptop is almost useless during this time.

- the silver color of the body is damaged (i use my laptop 30 min a day on average) 


i won't recommend it to anyone.

i had VAIO, MSI, Dell, Acer and Mi laptop and i hand never these problems in first two year. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

Honestly, I've 2 Lenovos in house and they are generally fine. The lenovo of my GF had to be fixed, but Im not sure why but it works fine now. It was fized by a different party.


My more expensive laptop, the y50-70, had 2 issues. The first one is the **bleep** hybrid HDD that causes long loading times and stutters. I quickly replaced this with a proper SSD, which cost me about 150 bucks.


Three years later, everything is working fine, until 1 day the **bleep** thing only gave me a black screen. Apparantly this is a common issue, as I found these threads about it:


The last one was NEVER reported as solved. They guy asking for help, also asked for help in the other threads, but never got a proper answer/solution. This worried me as I've the same issue: it can take 30 tries to boot the laptop up from Sleep/Hibernate mode. Just like him, I'm afraid to turn off my laptop as it might just not turn on again.


In the last 2 weeks, I posted 2 replies in the last mentioned thread.


I never recieved a reply.


I'm serious at loss here. This company expects that I leave my laptop running from here on out?

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo really SUCK's..the worst laptop ever..

Okay, I came across this thread and wanted to add my comments. 


I had to sign up to thie site, jsut to be able to write my review. 


I have been using my Lenovo Ideapad y510p for more than 4 years now. 


I liked how I could upgrade my Graphics by plugging an addiotional one in the UltraBay, but after I bought the laptop, now the question was where to buy the additional GPU from?


I tried contacting the service center, emails, calls and what not. I found no answer to my question!


What I hate the most?


The touchpad? Makes me feel like I am a noob at computers!

I hate the sound it makes while clicking  and not to mention the gap it leaves between the keys and the body with every touch. 

I always keep an external mouse connected, because it makes me very slow and angry to use this touch pad. 


My first laptop Acer Aspire 5820TG had a much better touch pad and I could work almost as fast with that as I would with an external mouse.


The Ultrabay slot? well, it is useless if you can not buy anything to plug into it. 


I just discovered there is  UltraNav driver for the touch pad, I have just downloaded it and will try it. 


Hope it improves it a bit. 


I do realize I have wasted my money by buying this heavy laptop with such a bad user interface.










My first Laptop ACER Aspire 5820TG, much


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