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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-14-2010
Location: Gainesville, Florida
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Lenovo repair depot stole parts off my Y510

Hello all,


Just this past August I sent my (out-of-warranty) Y510 to the repair depot for a look at the battery capacity indicator, which only worked intermittently, and part of which appears to have burnt out altogether.   I was told that the repair would require replacing the entire motherboard at a quoted cost of $300.  Since I thought this was way out of proportion to the sole stated problem I declined the repair and requested that the Y510 be returned.


When I opened the shipping box I noticed that all four of the rubber feet on the bottom of the Y510 were missing.  The technician even thoughtfully placed the Y510 upside-down in the box so that would be the first thing I noticed when I opened it.


What a bunch of...unsavory characters, I thought.  Well, I can still get a replacement set, right?  Wrong.


At this writing I've received three different shipments, none of which contained the correct parts.  While all of the customer support staff I've dealt with have been very helpful and conscientious about the matter, in the end they can only process a request.  The repair depot or whichever department handles the actual parts shipping appears hell-bent on jerking me around until I give up and go away.


If anyone reading this is considering sending in their own Ideapad for an out-of-warranty repair, be advised that there is a risk, at least if a repair is declined, of receiving the laptop back in worse shape then when it was sent.



Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-14-2010
Location: Gainesville, Florida
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Re: Lenovo repair depot stole parts off my Y510

Update - Customer service told me that they have been told by the parts warehouse that the rubber feet are among the parts no longer stocked for the Y510, and that the rubber feet for the Y530 are supposed to be backward-compatible, or some such.  Which simply is not the truth, judging from what was sent to me.  Nifty. 


No word yet on what the hell is going on at the repair depot, of course.  In a normal company that would be the subject of at least some concern.