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Paper Tape
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Lenovo y50-70 power button flashes and does not charge?


I have an lenovo y50-70 that i like very much.

The only problem i have with it, is that if i play forex gta v, or doing other things that makes the computer work hard, the power button starts to flash and it is stopping to charge.

It happens all from about 5min to 30min after i have started to play.


If i pull the plug and put in in again, it does not flash anymore, and i can play for a while before it starts to do that again.


Noticed that the plug i put into the computer to charge it, gets very warm.


This problem does not come if i just use the computer for surfing on the internet, watching netflix or similar, only if the computer has to work hard.


Is it the charger that can't deliver enough power to charge it or what could my problem be?

What does the power button flash mean?



Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo y50-70 power button flashes and does not charge?

Hi there,


I used to have the same issue when it overheats.

google: ideafan v1.5 you run that with openhardware monitor (usually the two come together)

you will see a small tornado icon, right click it and set the max temperature to 60 C

That way the fan will start cooling the unit at 60 C instead of only spinning faster at like 72 C

This however is not a lenovo solution, but it works, as the fan spinning up is hard coded by lenovo and cannot be changed by you.

I would also suggest a laptop stand cooler that has a fan that actually blows at your vent.


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