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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo y50 battery died and now won’t come back on.

I made the mistake of using my laptop without the charger and letting the battery run down. I launched The Sims 4 before getting up and grabbing my charger. I didn’t check to see if the laptop was actually charging after I plugged it in, simply because I’ve never had an issue before. So I set my laptop down and walked away, letting my game load. I left the computer alone for nearly 20 minutes. I came back and as soon as I went to use it, the screen went black. Luckily though it wasn’t entirely dead. I pressed the power button and it came back on briefly. The battery symbol had an “X” and it said 0%. I noticed then that my charger wasn’t completely plugged into the machine. So I plugged it in properly and  I didn’t see a little charging symbol or anything but it didn’t shut down immediately - The Sims was still running in the back ground. I loaded up a world and after a minute or two it died. I tried to turn it back on but I wouldn’t turn on. 

So I let it sit unbothered, charging for several minutes. I tried to turn it back on and nothing happened. The power button wouldn’t even light up. However, when I do press it, there’s a little red light that blinks at the bottom of my laptop. 

I went online and tried to find some solutions. I tried the one where you detach the battery and the charger and hold the power button down for 30-60 secs and that produced no results. 

I think it might be a charger issue, but how do I know for sure? 

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Also, as a side note: I was charging it all night long and had no problems. 

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Re: Lenovo y50 battery died and now won’t come back on.

Do you see Lenovo logo at start-up?

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