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Lenovo y5070 strange screen problem (not flickering)



I have the newer version of the y5070 with a UHD IPS panel.



Recently I got my y5070 back from the service center.It had heating problems, sound problems and a key fell off.The guys at the service replaced the motherboard, the cooling system, the keyboard, and for some reason the whole front part of the laptop (that rubbery part around the keyboard and the plastic part where the power button is located).


Basically all the problems I've had were fixed.When I got home, I discovered a new strange problem regarding the screen.It seems like when there are some specific colors on the screen (light to dark grey), very small white horizontal lines appear on them.


I've noticed this issue while moving a program User interface across the screen (Actually Lenovo Solution Centre - preety hilarious).At first I thought there is a problem with the software itself, but that isn't the answer.If I save a printscreen in paint and move it around, the same effect happens.


When I tilt the laptop's screen (or as crazy as it sounds, when I move my head up and down while looking at the screen) there is the same effect on light grey colors, but is very very subtle (still annoying).What I also noticed is that in the lower left corner of the screen, the display seems to be pressed by the plastic frame.The image there is brighter and gets darker when I pull the frame a bit with my nail.



I would be very respectful if someone could give me an idea of what is the problem now.Honestly, I feel a bit weird to go back to the service center right away Smiley Happy


Thank you!





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