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Lenovo y510p Overheating Fix?

2014-06-07, 20:58 PM

Hello, I have a Lenovo y510p sli laptop for 3 weeks now, and from monitoring my cpu and graphics card temperatures via HWMonitor, Cpu reaches a max of 90 degrees celcius and Graphics card reaches 96 degrees max (Averaging 90 C) IN ONLY A FEW MINUTES when I am playing certain games. Games such as Bioshock Infinite causes laptop to lag from throttling I think. 
This temperature seems to be too high, is this normal? When I alt tab from game, temperatures drop rapidly. 


*Fans work great. Fan speed starts to increase, and can be heard when I start playing games.

I know the Lenovo y510p has overheating problems, from other users, but I was wondering what I can do to help reduce temperatures. I am using a laptop cooler underneath as well. Is this caused by a bad heatsink?
I bought this laptop 3 weeks ago

Things I have tried, but temperatures seems to be still too high.:
1. Stop overclocking by changing power management options to max 99%
2. Fps cap and vsync during gaming
3. Msi Afterburner- reducing Clock speed

4. Using Dust Removal Tool

5. Updated latest graphics driver
5. Was going to try undervolting, but RMclock only works for dual core processors?

**Changing the thermal paste would be my last resort as this laptop is very new, and since I have never done it before, I am afraid to mess up my laptop and break warrenty**



Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4 GHz overclocked to 3.2Ghz 
(Manufacturer max temp: 100 degrees C)
: DDR3-RAM PC3-1280
:: Graphics card:
2 x NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M SLI - 2048 MB, Core: 980 MHz,

Any tips and information is appreciated.

Thank you

Solved! See the solution

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Re: Lenovo y510p Overheating Fix?

2014-06-07, 21:28 PM

temperatures for this type of laptop is normal to be from 50 to 90 while in gaming it is normal that it is at 70-90 which is really normal and trottling thing could be due to your laptop has dropped from charger to battery so make sure you got a 170W charger and not a 120W one since if it's a 120W it will kill 2nd gpu once it begins to run on battery so thats why make sure charger is an 170W not 120W :)


Also overclocking cpu will give it even higher temps since it is at a speed that it's not meant to be, which i mean if you got a 2.4GHz that can do 2.8GHz max and you overclock it ot 3.4Ghz then it will have 0.60GHz speed more which then makes cpu work harder than it should and it also shortens the cpu life as well when using overclocking speed.

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This helped me too


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Re: Lenovo y510p Overheating Fix?

2014-06-07, 22:44 PM

Thanks for the reply! I think I will stop overclocking if not necessary.


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Re: Lenovo y510p Overheating Fix?

2014-08-15, 18:05 PM



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Re: Lenovo y510p Overheating Fix?

2016-04-03, 7:53 AM

every overclockers will prevent heat from overclocking their rig with re-thermal paste and thermalpad

i have broken Lenovo seal warranty


its very very easy to dissamble lenovo Y510p , but im prefer you to see dissamble y510p from youtube, because the owner ever break the escape button ...


why i must prefer to re-thermal paste ??? and challenge you to break the warranty ??


1. Lenovo casing was built from plastik, i have open and see broken plastik near left speaker .. ( screw bolt break ) and i assume because overheating make the plastic more hard and fragile ( same like motorcycle fairing always parked under Sunlight ) and that bolt near left speaker was very2 nearly Y510P Fan Exhaust


2.  ThermalPad Factory was very sticky like a Gum, if you dont believe .. scratch them all..  and change with THERMAL PAD CHOPPER , add some thermalpaste 2 side, bottom and top for best performance


3. Thermalpaste Factory was standard you can using another brand, like Deepcool Z9


After these Way you will see the performance of Y510p without overheating



2ND WAY not Break the Seal Warranty


Buy Vacuum Laptop Cooler im using these for many2 laptop i 've ever fixed because Overheating from

1. Bad thermal pad and Paste

2. Dust everywhere in Laptop, and ever like Animal feather,hair etc...


these way maybe helped you out


NB :


You will prepare these GOODS Before dissamble lenovo Y510P


1. CRC Contact Cleaner These MUST HAVE For cleaning all Computers, you can used it while Laptop ON , crc not a conductor Liquid spray it in exhaust fan and you will see crc liquid down with dust, spary it on all motherboard its very save , meanwhile Battery bios still on board. CRC used to remove Old Thermal Paste too ...

2. Precision screw Driver

3. Tissue

4. Thermalpaste high Temp, Almost brand have these kind Paste. im very satisfied with Deepcool or Shinetsu dont using 30g Thermalpaste cheappy, because different performance

5. ThermalPad Chopper dont use under 1mm




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Re: Lenovo y510p Overheating Fix?

2018-05-30, 21:55 PM

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