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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo y570 - Compatible mSATA SSDs?

AS SSD benchmark:
Lenovo 64GB SSD: Seq read: 177 MB/s write: 45 MB/s
Acc.time read: 0,511ms write: 1.074ms
Crucial 256GB mSATA: Seq read: 480 MB/s write: 284 MB/s
Acc.time read: 0,134ms write: 0,520ms



As you see the speeds for the Crucial drive seem pretty high, so I am still unsure whether the Lenovo mSATA port supports SATA 3 GB/s or even SATA 6 GB/s. Looks like SATA 6 GB/s to me, but I don't know too much about these things...

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo y570 - Compatible mSATA SSDs?

Hi, maybe it's a dumb question but how did you managed to use both Sata HDD and SSD? 
The laptop allows both of them in the same time without a Dvd-writer Caddy for the SSD?? 

I want to make an upgrade and I wanted to keep the HDD for storage and use a SSD for Windows and programs... but the only solution I found so far was to buy a caddy and replace the DVD-Writer with that caddy that would allow a SSD and keep the HDD on it's slot... 
I'm a bit confused, I would really appreciate your reply! 

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