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Lenovo y580 - something wonkey with the WIFI !

2016-04-25, 15:56 PM



I recently upgraded my home internet to a 5GHz dual band connection which I came to learn could not be utilized by my Lenovo Y580s wifi adapater : Intel Centrino 2200N. In order to utilize my new internet, I purchased a USB dual band a/c dongle at BestBuy for $30, the only drawback being a small piece constantly plugged in / using one of my USB ports (not a big deal). I was able to connect with this device at 5ghz and for the past few months everything was fine and I received blazing fast internet using this USB as my wifi.


Recently I noticed I I've been losing connection speed and internet. My transfer rate jumps from 6MBs to 433 MBs as and everywhere in between while connected at 5ghz, and figured my usb dongle might be faulty. I unplugged the device to test it, and connected using the computer's normal wifi over the 2.4Ghz channel. To my surprise, while the signal was strong, my internet speeds were also jumping between 1mbs and 60mbs, essentially the same thing that was happening while using the 5ghz USB.


In an effort to trouble shoot on my own, I did the following:

- Did a full mallware / virus check ( was clean )

- I live in a Condo so I installed INSIDDER software to check my wifi channels: no real problems there

- Connected several other devices using both the 2.4 and 5ghz connection, including laptops and Iphones/Ipads. All were fine so I know it's not my router

- Called the internet cable company to see if they might be throttling my device (I do download a fair bit). Nothing to report there

- Updated my wireless drivers (both internal wifi card, Intel Centrino 2200N and the USB dongle) , nothing.

- Upgraded to Windows 10 

- Uninstalled the USB dongle and wifi drivers associated with the device (in case they conflict)


I feel like I've come to a dead end. As I sit here right now connected via wifi I see my transfer rates jumping all over the place and I can't explain it  ... I'm 2 feet from the router/modem and my iphone is fine! Any help is GREATLY appreciated.



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Re: Lenovo y580 - something wonkey with the WIFI !

2016-04-26, 15:42 PM

Could be that windows has some corruption - Open Command prompt with Admin privileges and type scannow /f

Let the process complete and see if any errors are generated.


Have you tried going into Router settings (from browser) and removing your laptop from the Devices list?

Then, connecting it again as a fresh connection?


Have you tried static IP for your laptop?


Have you tried a factory reset? (This will delete all personal data, so you may want to take a back up on an external drive)


Last Case -

Sometimes (very very rare cases), the Wifi card hardware can get loose. The only way to confirm and fix this is to open the laptop and tighten the wires connected to the slot. (Should be 2 wires and either one could be loose)


If any of the options are unclear, let me know and I can give details. Thanks.

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