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Paper Tape
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Lenovo y700-17isk, you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu!!???!!!!????????

i played dota today, and it randomly crashed, after that my nvidia card refuses to work. not sure what the issue is, i have a fairly new laptop, 16gb ram, gtx 960m. if i try to open nvidia control panel i get the following message:

nvidia display settings are not available
you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu

i have tried:

reformatting laptop
uninstalling intel gpu

after reformat it did seem to work temporarily, but now back to errors!

PLEASE HELP! i primarily use this laptop for gaming, and i primarily play dota, and this makes it useless!


anyways, i checked in my bios, there are two options for graphics settings:
switchable (nvidia on i guess?)
internal only (**bleep**? NO OPTION FOR INTEL OFF???? WHY LENOVO WHY?????)

so that did not work either.

please help. please.

thank you.

windows 10
16 gb ram
GTX 960M
intel hd 530 (i wish i could tear the thing right out of my laptop, i have no use for it at all)
m.2 ssd



P.S. i have no idea if it was ever working. was it ever working? maybe it never was and i never noticed? i dont think that's possible though because i was playing dota at max settings previously and it was working great, which would not even be remotely possible with the utterly worthless hd graphics, as evidenced by the fact that now, whenever i try to turn on dota, it instantly crashes. HELP!

Token Ring
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Re: Lenovo y700-17isk, you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu!!???!!!!?????

Nvidia GPU is render unit only, and will not work without Intel GPU. That is why you cannot turn the Intel GPU off... Or even you can tear the Intel GPU off, you will see nothing as Nvidia GPU cannot work without it.


As solution, it maynot help much because I have Y50-70 (although, Y700-17isk is very close relative). I suggest using all driver from Lenovo website. And do not update any driver, other then windows update (it will update but not to newest). You can atleast trust Windows update as most of the driver that did not work will be reverse to the working one (suggest by community and collected data).


If both solution still not work try newest driver from both Intel and Nvidia, remember to install Intel first before Nvidia to make sure Nvidia GPU can communicate with Intel GPU (via Intel driver, obviously).

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