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Token Ring
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Lenovo z50-70 windows 10 installation disk



Could someone help me install windows 10 on Lenovo z50-70 laptop. Whatever I do with UEFI and Legacy settings in BIOS it just refuses to boot from Windows 10 installation disk. I do not get any Windows boot manager options and if I set everithing on UEFI I get for boot options only EFI Network for IPv4 or IPv6 and these wont load anything except errors. Says some kind of an error with IPv4. Disk was created with Windows 10 installation media creation tool and has worked on 3 of my other computers just fine. This one just wont boot from it. What do I need to change in BIOS to get it working.

I converted my disk to GPT already as ive read it should be in GPT.


I uploaded pictures in google drive from BIOS. These are the options that I have in BIOS:


Please help. I kind of need it fast. Thanks!

Token Ring
Posts: 22
Location: EE
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Re: Lenovo z50-70 windows 10 installation disk

I fixed it. The problem was in installation media. I made a bootable windows 10 installation USB drive with windows media creation tool and it worked flawlessly on both legacy (MBR) and UEFI (GPT). 

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