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Lenovo z575 perplexing problems.

I have had the laptop for just over a year (no warranty) and run it with no problems then suddenly, bam!

So I turn on my laptop the other day, the only recent event was installing some HP printer drivers. I login to find that my wireless isn't working, some desktop features had changed and random, rare compete system freezes. After several trouble shooters, restarts etc, I found that the wireless was detected In devices manager and working, about 2/10 times. Every other time it just doesn't appear in the device manager at all.

The steps I took at this point on are:

1. Check the physical and energy management switches for wifi were on (they were)

2. Ran every conceivable virus, malware and root kit scan available (all clean)

3. Uninstalled wireless drivers and reinstalled (no effect)

4. Updated BIOS (no effect however worth pointing out that I still have the option to enable/disable wireless in BIOS.

5. Run a selective startup with just essential services (no change).

6. Run memory test, HDD Integrity test (all clear).

7. Backed up and restored windows to factory settings (still no wireless).

8. Opened back case to ensure power cables connected (they are).

9. Scoured the Internet looking for similar problems and resolutions (none that fix my problem or have been resolved)

I may have forgotten to mention some steps I've taken so apologies for that if so. I'm fearing that I may need to replace the wireless card, which I guess is ok, but it would be nice to work out what the cause of this could be. Any help and feedback from you good people would be much appreciated.
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Re: Lenovo z575 perplexing problems.

If you can possible install the wifi card in another unit to see if it is really what you suspect, it will narrow further the solution to your problem.

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Re: Lenovo z575 perplexing problems.

Welcome to the forum!


Depending how "recent" the HP drivers were installed I would consider uninstalling the HP drivers and then do a System Restore to a date prior to the driver installation and see what happens.



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