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Blue Screen Again
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Lenovo z580 ideapad - return to old BIOS without having a backup file; I have 2 laptops z580

Greetings everyone! 

Here is the problem, sadly, i am not the only one that has it- So, i have this perfect z580 ideapad which got a BIOS update before few years... and it started running slow, and some other problems appeared. So i want my old BIOS back. The new one is the 5FCN95WW... but sadly i have no backup of the old BIOS, i think it is 5FCN34 or 35WW. I saw tons of information around the internet, many posts here in the Lenovo forums, i've downloaded countless files, used many programs, even backed up my own BIOS and nothing. 

I haven't seen even 1 solution from point A to point B for "How to backup and then flashback to the old bios again if needed", so please, tell me what can i do.

1: How can i obtain a file of the old good original BIOS 

2: I have 2 Lenovo z580 laptops and just one of them is with the new BIOS, the other one has the old BIOS - can i somehow make a file of the old BIOS, transfer it to the other laptop and then flash back to it.


Thank you in advance, i hope to see a good answer these days, which will save me much troubles. Smiley Happy


Mod's Comment: Please do not start multiple posts on same issue as this only splinters the discussion. Instead, keep your current discussion updated with any additional information. Your duplicate has been removed. Thanks !


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