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Lenovo z580 reinstall windows onto the new hard drive

Hi guys i really hope u can help because i only have my laptop  year and half last night my laptop froze so i turned it off and when i turned it back on i keopt hearing this slight beeping/clicking sound coming from the hardrive .basically looked into it the header was stuck on the platter apparently its an issue with these harddrives so my drive is **bleep**ed i cant recover nothing i have a new harddrive for it i put it in bare in mind i never made recovery disks for the machine. so then i put in a windows 8.1 install disk because the boot/app menu keeps coming up when i select the dvd drive it doesnt seem to be picking up the new install and to top it off when i try to go into the bios theres a password on the machine and im 100% i never set one iv tried all options anybody any idea why the machine wont pick up my windows 8 disk?? 


thanks guys in advanced

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