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Lenovo z580 windows 8.1 networking issues

Has anyone who's been experiencing networking issues on 8.1 managed to fix them yet?


I have a lenovo z580 that came preinstalled with windows 8

I could use wired or wireless connection perfectly on win 8.


I then upgraded to 8.1, had so many networking issues I downgraded to win 7.


On win 7 it worked perfectly again (used it for 8 months with no issue).


Dual boot win 7 alongside various distros of linux, after some issues with drivers at the beginning linux also works perfectly.


Decided to give windows 8 another go yesterday.


Clean installed windows 8 (hard drive reformatted), networking is working perfectly.


Updated to 8.1 and it has limited connectivity on wifi immediately, installing the latest drivers from lenovo website, does NOT fix the issue, (had to use hp drivers to get any internet connection at all.)


So with the new wireless drivers it only half works, I can use the internet but I get constant time-outs and disconnects on any website (again everything worked perfectly on win8 and win7), even typing this I'm getting errors as the page updates.


If I ping my own router you will get succesful replys with occasional timeouts (between 10% and 20% of packets are lost)


I have the exact same problem when using a wired connection.


I can see from other forum topics this issue is affecting many lenovo products, and many from other manufacturers as well.


Does anyone have a solution? Do Lenovo have a solution?




I have seemingly fixed the issue with the wired connection by setting the MTU of the adaptor to 1492.

The same setting does not improve the Wlan though




Seemingly fixed completely Smiley Happy changed router MTU to 1492 and reinstalled drivers, everything seems to be working properly, weird how the MTU setting only needs chagning to make this one device work, and only on 8.1, but at least it's fixed for now.




MTU seems confirmed as my issue, changing it back to the default of 1500 brings the errors back, I have a Virgin Media Superhub 2 if it helps anyone.



 Nevermind it's back to not working again

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