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Lenovo z710 model 20250, HELP Black screen

I have a Lenovo z710
I upgraded my Bios with a bios, I found in a forum, to unlock futures
After several normal boots, to see it's working good
I entered yesterday, Bios, and only enabled,, overclocking and 3-4 other disabled futures
After i tried to boot, I listened a big noise from fan working at maximum, screen remains black,, after 15 seconds, power shuts off, it starts again - closes again,,, I removed laptop external battery, power supply, i pressed power button 1 min for hard reset, to remove electricity from internal circuits
I opened the laptop bottom, removed CMOS battery, for 12 hours, put a coin
I removed and put again my ram, 2 sticks
I put again the CMOS battery, and power cord
Laptop starts immediatelly alone, same problem , screen black, fan working at maximum, big noise
I can't enter Bios with Novi button or Fn R or Fn F1 or Fn F2

First, where is the location of Bios EEprom?
How can, I reset Bios to factory presets, if it's not affected by CMOS battery,
HOW?? By short circuiting Bios EEPROM with what???  or 
reprogrammed with a USB SPI Programmer  and one SOIC8 SOP8 cable
Any other way??

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