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Paper Tape
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Mouse cursor jumps around the screen randomly on my Z500

The mouse cursor jumps around the screen randomly on my Z500 laptop which I just over a year old. 


I checked with the retailers as to their advice, and they said:


"To rule out that the problem is software rather than hardware related it is advisable to perform a system recovery on your machine. To do this you will need to launch the Disk2Disk recovery feature (which should already be installed on your machine). This will return your system to factory settings and will delete all existing data stored on the hard disk drive."


This appears a bit radical a solution. Does anyone please have an alternative? Smiley Happy

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Mouse cursor jumps around the screen randomly on my Z500

I have the same issue on my Yoga all of the time. The mouse randomly moves around clicking & opening icons in my taskbar. It does it over and over no matter how many times I close the opened icons. The only way I know to fix it is to restart my computer. If I am in the middle of something time sensitive and do not have time to restart, it is impossible to get anything done. I wish I knew what causes it or another possible fix. 

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