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Blue Screen Again
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My Disk Crashed and can't boot.

I have a Lenovo y50 from 2014, and it's had it's fair share of problems over the years which I have been able to fix, one of those is that I had to change the fabric hardrive after it started failing mechanically. I swapped it out for this one:


And it all worked swell until today, I was browsing heavily* for a few hours when I clicked somewhere (If I remember it was a Google Maps widget) and out of nowhere my computer crashed with the blue screen (with the smiley) trying to fix the problem after a few seconds of staying at 0 it shut off. 


After I turned it on again I got the EFI Network boot failed which means my hardrive failed again.


I tried to look at the BIOS and it still recognizes the hardrive by giving me it's serial; st1000lx015-1u7172, which is the same if not similar model to the one linked above.


Both UEFI and Legacy Support boots failed and when trying to diagnose with both the internal and an external Windows Tool, it could not repair the boot config or do anything for that matter. In fact, when I tried to install Windows 10 again it listed the Disk as 0/0MB or it did not listed it at all.


Is there anything I can do to save the Disk? Is it something else? 


Please help me and thanks in advance.


*When I mean heavily, I mean I opened a ton of tabs to research something.

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