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Punch Card
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My IdeaPad Y560P laptop problems

Helo everyone!

i am new here!

i have two problems with my new laptop



My system start up is slow and when i am telling that i mean that when i turn on my laptop it takes about 1 and a half minute for it to show the desktop(i know that 1 and a falf minutes anr not so slow but my system can do more i think)



after some days of use i hear a noise from the hard drive and its not clicking but is like wistling Smiley Frustrated and when i play games like nfs the run it make MUCH more noise


these are my two problems and i am almost sure that somwone is going to help me here!(hope)


Thanks for your time Smiley Wink

Fanfold Paper
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Re: My IdeaPad Y560P laptop problems

1, startup speed depends on what you have starting up with your computer, antivirus and anti malware can add quite a lot to the startup time. not much you can do about it.


programs like Soluto (just google it) will give you an easy to understand chart of how long things take to start and what you can pause (stop from starting) or delay. 


if you dont want to use MSconfig to remove programs from starting up, Soluto is safer and easier.


2, are you sure this isnt just the fan in the laptop speeding up due to the extra heat being produced from the CPU and graphics chip?

Punch Card
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Re: My IdeaPad Y560P laptop problems

ok so i disabled some programs and now it is fast again Smiley Very Happy



i am sure i put the laptop in sleep mode and closed the lib then i flip it around and put my ear on both hdd and cpu and no its not the cpu but something near the hard drive(i will upload a picture later for you to see exactly where that sound come from) 

Punch Card
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Re: My IdeaPad Y560P laptop problems

ok so i found the online manual

and after a quick look at page 5 i notice that the IdeaPad Y560P model that i have is having a tv port next to the power port but mine doesnt Smiley Frustrated

also i find out that the sound comes from the Mini PCI ExpressCard slot (see manual to fully understand where his is)


My only thought is that there is a tv card in my laptop but it isnt connected or something 

i am totaly lost

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