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Paper Tape
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My Y570 can't handle anything without overheating

It has been a long journey with my lenovo laptops, I originally had a Y560P and after that broke three times and I sent it in all those times and they finally upgraded (or so I thought) my Y560P to a Y570 and the computer is just as bad. The computer can't handle any video game on low settings for more than an hour before it shuts off from overheating. It's on efficient thermal dissipation and it's on a cooling pad and it still overheats quickly. I can't handle this anymore so I am looking to build a new computer seeing as Lenovo doesn't want to help me anymore. However on the off chance Lenovo wants to help me I don't even know what I'd want to do from this point. I don't think a laptop suits what I need anymore and I'm not sure if Lenovo is the company for me anymore. Maybe Lenovo can do something for me but what. Hopefully someone from Lenovo can help.

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