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My experience with the Lenovo Y500

2015-12-09, 17:28 PM

I tried looking for the correct forum for Y500 and if this isn't the right place for a thread like this, i apologize. 


I also know that this isn't a support page, but a forum for discussion. 


So I've been thinking about writing about my computer for a long time now, as I wanted to read about my computer before I bought it I would want to know about the manufacturer and the product. So I'll provide some info for others. 


It's been my first experience with Lenovo, and frankly it really has been a general pain to have had to rely on this to be my computer. 


The first month or so with the Y500 worked alright. Games ran smoothly and I was enjoying the Windows 8 I got along with the purchase. 

But that wouldn't last, sadly, since this computer has deteriorated in health faster than anything I've ever payed this much money for. 


The thing is, the more you use something, the more used it's going to be, and therefore (pardon my french) a bit more crappy for each passing use. 




When one purchases a product for this amount of money, uses it in consideration for the good of the products' health for each use, and STILL is left with a (in my opinion) malfunctioning product - It's not worth the purchase and people should know about it. 


The problems I've had with the Lenovo Y500 is (including and not limited to): 


Numerous inexplicable (for me and people online) crashes to desktop, complete crashes of the operating system, black screens, blue screens, flickering colors and horizontal streaks across the screen and alot of freezing accompanied by laggy freeze-noises

Sometimes (though hardly often) the Y500 crashes because of software I installed (which is generally something to take into account when using computers) but to have it crash this often, and so obviously not because of my installed softwares, is not okay in my opinion. 


The touchpad - Just forget about it

It's never worked properly, don't rely on it, it might mess with something you're working on while on it, since the mouse cursor now has it's own free will. Deactivate the touchpad using 'function' -> 'F6'. 


But the biggest problems I've had with the Lenovo Y500 is without a doubt



which might account for alot of the freezing, crashes and general malfunctions, internal but definitely EXTERNAL. 

During this last year of caring use of my Lenovo Y500 the fan has melted. Yes. I am actually pretty 100% sure that the fan has, indeed, MELTED

Overnight (and I have to admit that the computer was on - though with nothing running) the only fan in the computer most likely melted, since it's now emitting an honestly worrying noise and the Y500 heats up like a nuclear reactor. It starts off by sounding like it's starting to revv up (not sure how to spell that), going over to sounding like an engine or something else with pistons, before sounding like an aircraft taking off, and finally goes a bit more quiet, almost sounding like a fan should, but sadly not functioning as one. And I cannot stress NOISE enough by the way. My Y500 has actually got my friends hating my computer, over Skype and in real life, and it's actually started some arguments between us (haha, really?!). 

Oh, and ofcourse, since the fan no longer works as a fan should, the computer gets overheated over nothing. Nothing. It already had heating issues before. It sometimes smells of burnt plastic and I think it might be a health risk to have my hands this close to what I used to call my computer. 



This BROKE my computer. With the built in Windows 8 function to re-install your operating system and freshen up your computer, the computer now has about 10 times the booting up and loading time (in ANY circumstance - e g changing the volume is now delayed by everything between 1 and 60 seconds). Today I've had the computer crash and having to restart it, in a cycle, lasting 50 minutes, until I decided to write this instead of launching anything. I've actually had to give up gaming since I couldn't afford another computer. 

So I can no longer play games on my Y500, I barely trust it with internet bank errands, and it's a miracle that I've been able to write all this from my Lenovo Y500 without it crashing (it has frozen up on me alot of times though, though that happens all the time now). 


Thankfully, I've salvaged the computer from death by installing Windows 10 (what did I really have to lose?). 

It's now a complete mess, but a complete mess that RUNS atleast. 



Since this is my first and only Lenovo product, I can safely say that I'm not a satisfied Lenovo customer, but I guess that now goes without saying. 

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