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My laptop is being weird (display)

I am trying to find out what is wrong, but the web doesn't have have it. On the tile screen, a picture tile looks messed up. There are red/green/blue pixel grains. Strange thing is that CS:GO works fine. When I use internet explorer or chrome, it force closes after a page with image or video. My laptop is y510p with intel graphics 4600 and geforce gt750m. I tried the lenovo support, but the laptop came back from the repair depot after thirty days with the problem not fixed at all.
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Re: My laptop is being weird (display)

Just a suggestion: If you can post a picture it will help members of the community understand your problem.

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Re: My laptop is being weird (display)

Hi ahj4513, welcome to the Lenovo forum.

     I've seen your pictures over at the NBR forum. I think you mentioned that you had already turned your laptop in to the Lenovo support center, and it came back with the "same" problem. Did the problem appear when you first booted it up, after the repair center returned it to you? Or did the problem appear after some gaming time?


     On the NBR thread, you stated: "It worked fine for almost two weeks. One thing I haven't yet mentioned is that I was playing skyrim and CS:GO day and night".


     Looking at your pictures, I can see that the programs you run under the Intel HD GPU look fine, but under the Nvidia GT 750m GPU they look  pixelated. You have self professed, that you're a serios gamer. I can't imagine that "playing" SKYRIM and CG:GO day and night"  would keep your GPU temps lower than the maximum allowable heat, before your Nvidia GPU fried itself again. Once you over heat the GPU to destruction, the only solution is to return the laptop to Lenovo, and have then replace your mother board again.


     Are you over clocking your CPU/GPU? Do you have a cooling pad? There's nothing that can be done for heating issues, when you stress out the system, by playing endless hours of video intensive games, without giving some time for your laptop to take a break, and cool down.






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