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Paper Tape
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My worst experience ever with PC/Laptop Service - Ideapad Y450

It is extremely painful experience with me on account of a Lenovo Laptop.


After having good experience with HP, Toshiba and Dell, on 4th July 2010 I purchased my 4th laptop (Lenovo Ideapad series 3000 Y450) from Delhi Lenovo show room (Nehru Place, efuture) for my spouse. Since my friends advised me to keep away from Lenovo, I first negotiated with the show room to ensure me that they will take care of any problems with my laptop and I should not be redirected anywhere.


My laptop screen suddenly went blank without any reason in december. Since I have one more laptop and a workstation, I took the laptop to the lenovo outlet on 01-01-2011. I realised how big the mistake I commited by buying a lenovo laptop. The guy sent me to Skylark building (3rd Floor) and again I was sent to another building where I was asked to contact the helpline with some telephone number. God knows why my purchase was not registered. After a lot of deliberation the laptop was taken for repair without giving me any timeline.


I was given the following response on 8th day:

  - LCD cable & LCD module were found faulty and demanded

  - Your note book submitted with customer name : Unique Infoways ( Kamal Kishore )
  - Your case id.: 4270142136 
  - Service Centre details : Comnet Vision , B1 Aggarwal Bhawan, Nehru Place, New Delhi ph. 011-26210431, 9899696144 


Even if I am getting my laptop back immediately and with a million rupee compensation for the hassles, I will never buy a lenovo laptop ever in my life. I am even ready to forget the amount spent on buying the laptop and will try that none of my friends, relatives and associates buy lenovo laptop. You can easily read my fraustration.


May god help both IBM and Lenovo as brands. I am sure these two names will be history soon.

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Re: My worst experience ever with PC/Laptop Service - Ideapad Y450



I'm sorry that you had such a frustrating experience obtaining service and were referred to different locations. 


It sounds like you finally got the system into the repair process , a case assigned, and it has been diagnosed as bad LCD / Cable and is being repaired. 


I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience here - we will look into it and see how we can improve.  Obviously, we want to be known for prompt and reliable service and deliver a positive customer experience.


Best regards,




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Re: My worst experience ever with PC/Laptop Service - Ideapad Y450

Mark they need to hire people like you, cleo and vannesa in India who actually care for customers..

Paper Tape
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Re: My worst experience ever with PC/Laptop Service - Ideapad Y450

There are people around, who are keen to serve. I feel it is a policy of an institution that makes a huge difference. I knew the ups and downs in DELL as a corporation. I donno about Mark, Cleo or Vannesa and I am sure they must be doing a great job in some geography.


I know one Kamal in the Lenovo Service Center in Delhi, who went an extra mile to understand my worries and helped me to get the laptop back. Even though I am yet to collect it, I owe a lot to the service rendered by him. I am adding one more name to dollmaker's list. Yea, Lenovo needs good people to survive in india.


My opinion however remains extremely negative about Lenovo and I do not know if I will ever change my mind.




Moderator note; full name of Lenovo employee edited in accordance with the forum rules.

What's DOS?
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Re: My worst experience ever with PC/Laptop Service - Ideapad Y450

True I struggled a lot with Idea pad Y450 , this was started giving problem very next day of date of purchase as dealer and call center not responded properly I took two months to find  Lenovo Service center and registered three complaints since 7 months but surprisingly they are not able to trace out the problem, I disturbed a lot in my official work suddenly it gives problem in between the presentations with officials, Lenovo service center took my laptop for R&D into local service center but not able suspect any part and returned me back the laptop  with  worst condition  oil spots and accumulated with lot of dust.





Old Complaint no: 4270039543 dated : 19.07.2010
Old Complaint no: 4270109691 dated : 13.10.2010

Recent complaint no:4270130076, dated :16.12.2010

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