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What's DOS?
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Network and Sharing issue

I have a lenovo y430 laptop.  I have a(n) issue that I want deleted.  In the network and sharing center when selecting to customize my system to private mode then selecting the map window, the network shows a(n) alignment of-my lenovo laptop name-my hotspot device-a gate way device-the letter x in red color-then the internet access unhighlighted.  I want to know how can I delete the gateway device and the letter x from the line up in private mode so that it is not interfacing with my system at all.  I keep my internet connection on wireless access use.  All I want to have for the line up interface is-my lenovo laptop name-my hotspot device-intenet connection access.  The gateway device has a IPv6 Address-fe80::28c:4b49:622b:f49f and MAC Address-72-f4-63-6b-b3-70.  If anyone can give me the solution to this lenovo issue I would gladly appreciate it.


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