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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎09-21-2011
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Never Buying Another Lenovo

I just found out about the GID bloatware interfering with keystrokes in games. I falsely believed that my laptop was malfunctioning a week or so ago, because I was unable to find out why this was occurring. I was not seeing any sequential numerical inputs. The keys simply weren't working. I had only just experienced it in a game I started playing. Because I don't play games on my laptop, I had not encountered this serious issue sooner.


As a temporary solution, I began using my plasma TV as a monitor until I got my 'broken' laptop troubleshot. Upon seeing the image burn in on my plasma, I was forced to spend hours searching for a solution to why my keyboard wasn't working properly. I found information posted in other gaming forums about the GuardedID app by Comcast but was unable to locate it on my computer. I also knew that I had never downloaded that app or Norton Suite, which some had reported it bundled with. After further searching I found a link on page 2 of Google pointing me to the Lenovo issue. This is a year old issue, and no steps were taken to correct it. 


Obviously, I'm really upset that a simple bloatware issue led to this happening. I will no longer purchase Lenovo and IBM products, and I will go out of my way to discourage friends, family, and my customers from doing the same.


If the average dissatisfied customer tells 14 others about their experience, I will go out of my way to tell 100. I regret having recommended your product to people in the past.

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Re: Never Buying Another Lenovo

un-installing it fixes the issue, you are aware of that, aren't you?
( please, post back which model of lenovo you have )