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Paper Tape
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New Y410 Touchpad

Just got the IdeaPad Y410 this past week-- I like everything about it except one thing: the touchpad doesn't have real buttons and it requires a great deal of force to press down-- like an unreasonable amount of force I haven't encountered in Lenovo products with "real" buttons (both Think and Idea)...

Is this normal for this model? It's caused me to completely stop using the touchpad, which is really not good.


Thank you,


Paper Tape
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New Y410 Touchpad

Hi, I just got a new y410p IdeaPad, and it's great so far, but there are just a few quirks with the touchpad I was wondering about.


1) I don't really know how best to word this, but mouse clicks only respond when it detects an actual finger touch. What I mean is, if you use, for example, your fingernail to click the mouse, the click doesn't register. I'm not talking about the "tap to click" functionality here, I mean that even when you press down on the mouse hard enough to click, if there is no skin contact, the click is not registered. Is there a setting to change this? I just want clicks to be pressure sensitive, it shouldn't really matter whether it was my finger or anything else that pressed the button.


2) This is the first laptop I've used where the left and right mouse buttons themselves are actually part of the touchpad. Usually when I go to press these buttons, the mouse cursor jiggles slightly, which is annoying. Is there any way to completely disable the bottom portion of the touchpad from responding to touches, and ONLY have it respond to clicks? I know that I could just lower the sensitivity but that doesn't seem like a good solution.


I have already looked under the Mouse settings in the Control Panel, but maybe there was an option I'm missing.


Thanks! :-)



Moderator Note; subject edited; post merged in. Was, Annoyances when clicking with touchpad


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