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Fanfold Paper
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New Y570... Few questions.

I got my y570 i5 last week, and I have to say that im in love with this laptop..


I haven´t been able to squeeze the computer since I use it mostly for work, that being said i have a couple of questions.


1.- I work with 3D, most of the time i don´t do animations but in other cases i have to do animations and the render will use 100% of the cpu and sometimes the computer will be on for over 100+ hours doing renders. So, for me keeping the pc dust free is important and thats why i used to perform maintenance 1 time every 3 months to my old pc. 


This computer comes with a back panel that has a grill that i believe is the CPU fan, if I open that panel to perform maintenance will i loose the Warranty?


 ( I know that for renders the best choice is a desktop but im done with being in one city, i got this pc because i have freedom to travel)


2.- I have used the Video card just once and I was testing it with Minecraft, for this little game im using GPU Nvidia High performance, the temperature playing the game got up to 70 i think i played for around 10-15 min. Is that normal? whats the max temperature that this laptop can handle before it fries up?


3.-  For the CPU fan when you hit the button i got 3 options which is Normal (Regular), Super Quiet, cool and undust. I keep mine in Cool, but when the laptop gets hot the fan spins really fast and i can listen to it, is that normal?


When the fan is super quiet does it have a maximun spin speed? I ask this because i was working with super quiet and the laptop got really hot, then i switched the cool and it hasn´t got frozen again.


Sorry for the long post but i have all this questions.

Thanks for your time.


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Re: New Y570... Few questions.

1. Don't really know about it. I don't want to remove cpu fan and I hope that canned air would do the cleaning good enough.

2. I've got another version of Y570 with core i7, and when I tested it for a couple of hours under 100% CPU and GPU load and with 27C ambient temp, CPU got up to 95C and GPU to 86C. I tested it with cooling pad then, and It seems that it reduced temps by average 5-7 degrees, CPU to 88-90 degrees max and GPU to ~80.

If cooling systems in i5 and i7 versions are the same, then your laptop should be cooler than mine - your CPU TDP is 10 watts lower. Max temperatures... According to the info found in the internet, these CPUs can be heated up to 125C without being damaged, and they start throttling at 100C. GPU, I think, will work properly with temp up to 95C. Ofc, I hope that it will not get so hot.

3. In cool mode some noise is normal, I think. With super quiet it is much quieter, but, as I can see, it greatly reduces the maximal fan speed.

It can seem strange, but under heavy CPU load super quiet mode can be even cooler than cool mode, but if you look deeper, you can notice that in super quiet mode Intel turbo boost technology is disabled, which, in my case, grants additional 600 mhz for every core, but makes CPU really hotter.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Y570... Few questions.

Sfairat thanks for you answer..


Im not planing on removing the CPU fan i just want to be able to hold it while i use an air blower like this one.



For measuring the computer temperature im using a software called RealTemp.. Is there any other software that you might recomend?

Thanks again.

Paper Tape
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Re: New Y570... Few questions.

OP - what is the battery life you get on full charge?
Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Y570... Few questions.



I have no idea, i have been using the laptop connected to the power, but tomorrow i will let the battery charge up to 100% and then use it, i will let you know.



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