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Blue Screen Again
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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

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Hi Mark, and thank you for taking the time to look at this issue.


I realize that the old forum got very convoluted, so you probably missed my long post about some things I found out about the gradient issue. Here is the link to it:


To summarize the post, there was a trade-off when the new bios was created. With the new BIOS, the dancing pixels went away, but in return we have terrible gradients. This is because the dancing pixels were the display panels' method of dithering, which allowed for smooth gradients. So what we need now is to get dithering back for the display panels, but using a different method of dithering (such as a static grid) that won't cause so much eye strain.


Also, the comparison pictures in that post show the problem a bit better than the once pepemosca put up, I think. I think it would be a good idea if you read the post I wrote later about these pictures. They explain more clearly what exactly the problem is and provides some reference from another display:


Note that while I took the pictures from a bit of an angle, the problems are clearly visible to the naked eye while looking at the display from 90 degrees. The reason I took them at an angle is because my camera had trouble capturing the gradients.


About the Windows Experience Index problem described in the previous post: That problem is caused by newer BIOS versions (anything above v54, I believe). To clarify the problem a bit: The computer asks to refresh the Windows Experience on every start-up or after every restart. For example, if I did a cold boot, I would have to refresh it after turning on the computer, and it would stay current for the rest of the time I use my computer until I shut it down or restart the computer again. Once windows is up and running after that, the Windows Experience Index will be gray again and will need to be refreshed again. I KNOW this is caused by the newer version BIOSes, because I downgraded my BIOS to version 53 for about a week to observe the gradients with the dancing pixels (which, by the way, look a lot better) and I noticed that I didn't have to refresh it repeatedly. Now that I re-upgraded to BIOS v59, I need to refresh the Windows Experience Index on every startup again.


Finally, I'm using BIOS v59 from the Lenovo website along with the ATI 10.10 drivers.


Edit: Check out this link:

If you scroll down to the background info section about halfway down the page, you can a more visual idea of the problems we're having. With the older BIOS with the dancing pixel dithering, it looks like the first of the three example images. With the newest BIOS, it looks like the third example image.

Also check out this link:

The background section halfway down the page talks about the different kinds of dithering that I talked about in my post and gives visuals, which makes it a lot easier to understand I think.

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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

Hello in new thread.


I'm using last bios from lenovo site. .59 and last video drivers from lenovo site 10.8 (8.752-100629a-102439C-Lenovo)

Dont know about other issues, but what i can definitly say is that i have ants edges.


Also i was with my notebook in office of Lenovo company in Moscow and we make photos of this ants edges and they send it in your developer center. Also based on this photos they receive answer that "Yes, we see the problem ..." It was 3 weeks ago, and no more news about it now.


Strange that you say in your last post in closed thread "This should be resolved by BIOS 59 or later". No chance to guess with it. It fixed in .59 or it will be fixed later?


Also if you have ants edges effect on notebook which are you talking about here "We have not seen the ants on systems in our possession running these updated versions." BEFORE updating. I mean if you confirm that you have ants edges on one of notebook and see it, but after bios update (.59) it's gone away?



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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

@Mark_Lenovo, sorry... But your topic closing makes me laugh!

The video issues will not be solved because you close or open a thread.
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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

[ Edited ]

Pepe, don't smart-off.


He wasn't trying to 'solve' problems by closing a thread, he was summarizing pages upon pages (52?) of comments to get a fresh look at it.


The opening/closing of threads may not solve 'the' problem, but I think it may expedite the process.


I should be receiving a new Y560 in the mail w/in the next week.  I will be glad to test the monitor and report my findings.  I think it will help that it is loaded with v62 BIOS (at least that is my understanding).


Cukhi, if you have any suggestions on tests I should run, I will be glad to do so, as it seems like you very much know what you're taling about.



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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

@Meetloaf13, sorry... but good luck!
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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

[ Edited ]

With bios v. 59 and ATI drivers from Lenovo site v. 8.752 I have following issues:


1. gradient problem

- vertical gradient is noticeable in the 90 degree viewing axis, more significantly  while lifting the LCD off.

It would be normal if it was related only with LCD technology (I think everybody here knows disadvantages of this technology) but it's more significant because of the signal directed to the screen and the gradient in this case is only increased by LCD.

Something is wrong on software level (bios), as already cukhi123 said.

- horizontal gradient - very noticeable in normal use (the 90 degree viewing axis)!


2. ants around window edges while moving it.

I would rename the problem with ants around edges to "dotted lines in window edges" and the effect is similar to interleave on old CRT TV screen, if it's a good comparison.


3. Windows 7 performance index screams to refresh it on every reboot


4. HDMI - grainy display on external TV full HD (Samsung series 6). In comparison that issue isn't on Lenovo G550 HDMI (nvidia card).



5. Excel issue (artifacts) - IMO problem related with ATI drivers


and it is all for me.



I'd like to point out, just in case, that I have different Y560 version than majority of users here (59-036817 not 646)

Y560, 59-036817, i3-330M, Radeon 5730, switchable graphics, W7HP, LCD: AUO40EC, bios 71, ATI-Lenovo drivers: 8.752
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Re: New discussion Y560 video issues

So... no Lenovo Staff answer to all these issues?
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Re: Corrupt graphics leading to consequent crash of laptop

Thanks for posting this^^^

I got my y560 delivered yesterday and was worried about all of the issues I read on this site. None of the gradients/ants/static is present on my display but as soon as I went to watch a Youtube video the system crashed with a black screen and did not restart.

I did a manual restart after that. I downloaded BIOS 59 but didn't install...and after reading your post and all of the Lenovo paperweights being created by something as simple as flashing the bios - I will stick with my current BIOS version and attempt to download/install the AMD drivers instead. Hopefully that will fix the problem.
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Re: Corrupt graphics leading to consequent crash of laptop

[ Edited ]

Guys, can anyone try this page:


Latest drivers are post there.

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Re: Corrupt graphics leading to consequent crash of laptop



I have to again recommending that you use the Lenovo provided drivers and uplevel BIOS.


I understand the concerns about flashing BIOS, but if we aren't applying the fixes we have, these discussions keep popping up and going in circles.   If you install OEM ATI drivers, that's fine, but Lenovo can't support the results.


Best regards,



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