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Blue Screen Again
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Re: y560 Display problem

What kind of Y560 do you have? If it's one with a Core i7, update your graphics from this website:
Otherwise, try the driver from the Lenovo Support page:
That will fix your blue screen problems, usually. As for the movie playback, I'm not sure what causes that, but the driver may help.

As for the screen brightness, tap the battery icon near the slidenav bar and open the settings (the wheel button at the bottom of the window), select Smart Control and uncheck ALS.
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Re: y560 Display problem

i appreciate the fast reply. I unchecked the ALS box.  many thanks.


as for the other problem... yes i have a core i7. To be more specific this is the system 



IdeaPad Y560A, 15.6" HD LED Glare (1366*768) Ambient Light Sensor, Intel Core i7-740QM (Quad core 1.73GHz, 1333Mhz, 6MB), video dedicat ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1GB DDR3 + integrat Intel HD Graphics (cu comutator), RAM 4GB DDR3 1333MHz (2x2GB), HDD 500GB 7200rpm, DVDRW, Card Reader 6-in1 (SD/SD-pro/MMC/MS/MS-pro/XD), Boxe stereo (2x2W JBL with chamber Dolby Home Theatre), No TV Tuner, 1.3Mp webcam + mic, LAN 10/100/1000, WLAN b/g/n, No Modem, Bluetooth 2.1, No Finger Print, Baterie 6 Celule 2.6A, 3xUSB/ 1xUSB+eSATA/ VGA/ Express Card 34/ RJ45/ Mic-In/ Headphone / Kensington Lock/ HDMI, SlideNav (touch-sensitive slidebar), Black, Adaptor 120W, 2.70kg, 385x255x20-33 mm, Win7 Home Premium 64bit


anyway, i will update my graphics and hope it will be ok

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Re: y560 Display problem

I'm back Smiley Happy


so i've updated my graphics from the link you gave me  but the inmovie image hasn't change.

i dont exactelly know how to upload an image on this site so i uploaded one on an external one. This is the link :


(hope it will work)


the image quality is so bad, not like the ones on my Vaio or other laptops that i used. Its really upsetting considering the ammount i payed for this laptop. i could use a resolution for this matter.

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Re: y560 Display problem

i have another question i hope it will be answered Smiley Happy


can somebody tell me what is the normal temperature the laptop must function at?


Everest shows a temperature of 51 c ( 127 F ) with normal usage and  while running a game (not for too long) the temperature goes up to  70 C (158 F) wich is a bit high, but i was wondering if it is normal for this laptop. when i exit the game it will almost instantly go back to 50-55 C

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Re: y560 Display problem

yeah, its normal.
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Re: New discussion Y560 display issues

[ Edited ]



I Have been having the pixel problem as well as most of you. When scrolling while viewing pictures and random occurances on my desktop and dark backrounds.



I Just noticed that when my computer is not plugged up to the charger the problem disappears.


Ive plugged and unplugged my charger several times to make sure.


Try it for yourselves and see if it fixes your problem


SINCE this problem is only happening when running off of and outlet, there must be some sort of CPU or GPU increase when connected to a power source.


Think theres anyway we can access these settings and stop it from creating these pixels??


I Have the IdeaPad Y560 i7 Pre-Installed Windows 7

What's DOS?
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Re: New discussion Y560 display issues

i cant find the correct VGA update . mine is ATI . lenovo y560 i5 thanks so mutch

Paper Tape
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Re: New discussion Y560 display issues

@pepemosca- its been 16 days since i have got this laptop and i haven't faced any problems with it whatsoever. i don't have any display, sound, gradients, pixel, heat problems etc etc. the only problem i had was the big mouse pointer and that was fixed through the driver update i did thanks to your input ^^. i don't know what my lcd panel is because im a computer noob but my model number is 0646CU

Specs are:

Intel core i7-740QM

ATI Mobility Radeon HD5730 1 GB

8GB Ram

15.6" LED Glare 1366x768

500GB 7200 RPM


if you need anything else from me let me know, its an excellent laptop without issues and so i would love to help out  if my help is needed.

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Re: y560 Display problem

what about an idle temperature of 63 C ( 145 F) ? latelly thats the temp it runs.

is that ok?

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Re: New discussion Y560 display issues

Well I guess this is what I get for not doing my research...


I purchased this laptop thinking it was a godsend, the performance for the price seems unbeatable. I discovered this thread upon looking at reviews of the Y560 (which is currently on its way to me as we speak). I still have time to return it I know, but I'm wondering what is the majority opinion here.


First of all I chose the highest end version:


Intel Core i7-740QM Processor ( 1.73GHz 1333MHz 6MB )


8 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz


15.6" HD LED Glare 1366x768


500GB 7200


Should I take emergency action and return this thing?! I'm using this PC for music production in conjuction with Ableton 8. I never even planned on taking it online because of worries about viruses and spyware/malware and other potential hazards. I know I can find a way around this if need be to fix these issues, I noticed alot of suggestions to download the driver(s) availible on the support forums. I could always download them on another PC to a flash drive or external harddrive and upload them to my Y560 through that method.


Bottomline, if I download the/these suggested driver(s) is this PC still viable for my purposes? This was going to be the lifeblood of my future musical pursuits from here on out. I'm really really dissapointed to hear this news.


I appreciate any and all help I may receive. Thanks, and happy new year!

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