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New discussion Y560 display issues

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We have had a long running discussion in the forum on Y560 video issues including abnormal gradients, pixelization (ants) around the edges of windows, etc.  There have also been side effects including a random occurance of the mouse pointer becoming enlarged, and even some reported blue screens while installing certain versions of the Catalyst Control Center.


A number of videos and pictures have been uploaded to demonstrate some of these effects and the discussion  on the original thread has run many pages.  Lenovo believes it has addressed the symptoms which can be recreated and are deemed abnormal.  (Colors will shift as displays are tilted away from the perpendicular angle to the users eye - this is considered normal)


I'm setting up this discussion to enable us to continue to work with customers here in the forum.  To participate in this thread, I would ask that you have installed version 59 or later of the BIOS and are using the latest video drivers from the Lenovo website.  


If you have done these things, and continue to experience video issues on the Y560, we would like to understand what those are so they can be addressed.   I also understand that ATI releases newer versions of the drivers more frequently than Lenovo, and a number of customers have elected to install these newer ATI drivers.   I really need you to note if you are using Lenovo or ATI OEM drivers if you post about problems here.   It is helpful to know about the experiences with the OEM versions, but we can only work issues that occur when using the Lenovo released versions.




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Y560 serious problems

I first used my Y560 0646-2EU last Thursday - It has worked successfully for a total of maybe 4 hours. It started with messages telling me the graphics card failed but recovered. From there, artifacts began appearing on the screen followed by a sudden flash to black restart. After resetting a few times to fix this issue, I can no longer access windows.

I can only use windows after going into Safe Mode and deleting the 5730 drivers - I have downloaded the new bios - did not work - I have installed the newest catalyst drivers - did not work - I went back to the drivers on the Lenovo page - did not work - I even went for the May update of the catalyst drivers - DID NOT WORK -

Why did I pay money for this computer? I have a computer that only works if I'm using "generic pci vga" device. I am severely disappointed in Lenovo and I wish I would not have been tempted by the price of this computer. I am a long time ASUS user and I plan on going back as soon as possible. Is it possible to receive a refund from Lenovo for their sub-par product? This machine certainly does not meet/ exceed/ come anywhere near the implied warranty of merchantability.. 1000 dollars to watch the windows 7 waiting wheel freeze and become inundated with pink and green artifacts.


annoyed customer..

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Re: Y560 serious problems

Did you said artifacts? Call customer service. Maybe your VGA is faulty.

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Re: Y560 serious problems

That's a problem with the ATi graphics driver. The one on the Lenovo website is very out of date, and causes all these problems. Newer versions have fixed all these issues. I recommmend using the Catalyst 10.7 drivers, as some people (like me) have been getting a blue screen error upon installing the latest ones (10.8). If you can't install the drivers normally, try searching for the thread called Big Mouse Cursor Bug in this forum, which should have some instructions on a workaround.

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Ideapad Y560 graphics bug resolution and escalation

I have had the ideapad for 4-weeks as of this week.  From day 1 I had the mouse randomly getting bigger issue and the amd graphics driver crashing the system.  I was told that the problem would be resolved of which it isn't.  The customer service rep's kept wanting to vnc into the computer to check the drivers and have me reinstall them and that would never fix it.  Not the 2-week period to return the computer to fry's is gone.  I have since escalated the problem to the supervisor that attempted the same BS card reading steps that the other worker did when no one would attempt to read themessage boards like I mentioned.  I had to request that the supervisor read the boards.  It has arrived at the depot for service today.  If the problem is still not fixed how do I go about exchanging the computer.  I would like to get this resolved as this is affecting my consulting business.  Thanks for your replies.


Chris Williams

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Re: Ideapad Y560 graphics bug resolution and escalation

Join the club, buddy.  We've been waiting for three months to get this thing fixed.  As we (and probably you) have deduced, Lenovo really doesn't care as much about their IdeaPad systems as much as their ThinkPad systems.  The Y560 has had numerous problems reported (theres a 32 page thread about how the display is disfunctional--its still an ongoing process).  Lenovo has been incredibly slow, to the point where most of those having issues are completely fed-up with the whole process.  I ordered mine in June only to have it come with a faulty motherboard.  It was sitting in their depot for a month before they finally repaired it and sent it back.  Their customer support has no communication between each other, and is just overall sloppy and disorganized.  The Y560 has potential to be a great system.  It has the specs and the price in its favor. Now, they just need to actually support it like the rest of their lineup (why they don't is beyond me).


I have the big mouse problem as well.  My card also randomly shuts down.  Have they done anything about it? Absolutely nothing.


Yet, I still use mine just because I'm in college and can't afford not having a laptop and spending anymore money.


Sorry for your inconvenience, I hope you have better luck than I (and a lot of people on here) did/do.   

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Re: Ideapad Y560 graphics bug resolution and escalation

If it helps here was my solution for fixing the card crashing the system.  Reinstall the O/S with a 32-bit version.  I had a copy of a 32-bit windows 7 from when I was going to school so I installed that.  I reformatted the main partition leaving all of the lenovo partitions intact so that I could still you the recovery.  The system no longer crashed but I still had the mouse bug.

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Re: Ideapad Y560 graphics bug resolution and escalation

Here is a solution that you might want to try.  Load any flavor of linux onto your system for a dual-boot environment.  I recommend Ubuntu.  It's free and loads all the drivers for your computer automatically.  There is a virtualization software built in that you could use to load a working version of windows for the unit.  I would say stick with XP.

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Re: Ideapad Y560 graphics bug resolution and escalation

Here is the latest news.  When the depot received the package from Fedex the screen was cracked.  The computer was shipped without a cracked screen.  It is now being escalated to consumer relation of which they don't have a number.  I am told that I will be given an email for the manager for my case when one has been assaigned.

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Y560 graphics drivers

has there been a fix to the graphics drivers problem yet?

I have the i7/y560, so it doesn't have the switchable graphics, but I can't update to 10.7 drivers from ATI.


Even worse, in trying to do so, my Catalyst Control Center has disappeared, so i have no graphics card manager.

Installing/reinstalling won't work, as i get the same message  saying "Installation complete. Error with drivers."


I've even done a clean install where i cleared my register and driver history with a program, and then reinstalled it in safe mode. No luck.


Final Fantasy XIV is out, and i really want to play it, and it won't run unless I update my drivers.


Can anyone help? I'm thinking of two things i could do.

Is sending it to Lenovo a plausible solution, or will I just get my hard drive replaced and still have the exact same problem?

The other is backing up all my files, refomatting my hard drive, and then downloading Windows 7 trial, and then using my CD Key to unlock the full version, then try updating the drivers. would that work?

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