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Paper Tape
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New laptop switches from AC power to battery when playing a game.

I got an IdeaPad P580 (i7, 750gb hard drive, 8gb ram, nvidia gt 630m) a few weeks ago. About a week ago I started having this problem where, whenever I play a game, it either goes off AC power and onto the battery, or flickers between the two.


It does this in Grand Theft Auto IV, Fallout: New Vegas, and even Minecraft. Even sometimes outside of games, though that's rare. After closing a game once, it would go off AC for a few seconds whenever I opened a new tab in my browser!


It doesn't matter what energy mode I use. The newest graphics drivers are installed. It doesn't matter if I use the Nvidia card or disable it in the bios and use the integrated Intel graphics. I've tried everything I can think of; I plugged the AC adapter into a wall directly instead of a surge protector, etc.


When the laptop's on, there are three lights at the front below the touch pad. The two on the left are usually on, but sometimes when this happens the middle one turns to red.


If I take the battery out and just use the AC, the whole laptop will just shut off after a second or so in actual gameplay.


Does anyone have any ideas? Anything at all, even if you think it's a long shot. It's frustrating to buy a new laptop and then have this happen, especially since the problem with my old laptop was that playing games would make it shut off (that was overheating, which this doesn't seem to be since it's not hot).

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Re: New laptop switches from AC power to battery when playing a game.

hmm. you didn't overclock your gt630 right?

shutting off like that usually means not enough power is being supplied by the power brick, or the connection is loose.

how many watts is the power brick?

if the power looks securely plugged in, first thing you should do is call lenovo and ask them to send you a new power brick.

if the problem still occurs, you may have a bad motherboard power connector. It could be the plug port itself, or the connector on the mobo.

how often do you plug and unplug the power cord? and do you do it forcefully? if you are not gentle, the brackets that hold the power port can crack.

Y580 3610qm
Paper Tape
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Re: New laptop switches from AC power to battery when playing a game.

I haven't overclocked anything. The ac adapter doesn't seem to say on it (maybe I'm missing it in all the clutter of words and different languages), but I took the model number (pa-1900-56lc) and I found this, which says 90W:


When the problem first happened I originally thought that the plug had come out, but that didn't seem to be it. I don't plug and unplug it very often, maybe unplugging a few times a week (to take it to school twice a week), and when I take it out I don't do it forcefully (it doesn't get stuck in or give me any need to do that). The laptop's usually on my desk plugged into an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, also.


I'll call on Monday then, for a new AC adapter. I really hope it's that, and not a problem with the motherboard or connector!

Paper Tape
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Re: New laptop switches from AC power to battery when playing a game.

I called them, they would not send me an AC adapter because they worried about the chance of sending me one and then finding out that that wasn't the problem. So I have to pay my own money to ship the laptop that they made that doesn't work properly (that was just bought a month ago) 2,000 km away, probably being without it for at least two weeks. When I mentioned the time it would take, she said "well that depends on how quickly you send it to us".


Oh, and also the person on the phone had this bad habbit of not thinking that there was an actual problem, even after she told me to go into a game (with AC power and no battery) and see what happened. The computer turned off, which I told her. She then had me go on logmein123 to watch my screen and see what happened. It turned off *while* she was watching the screen, and she then proceeded to tell me "well you can just play the game with AC power and no battery" -- did she not understand that not 30 seconds had passed since she watched me try that and my computer turned off?


I didn't want to be one of the many not very nice people who (I'm sure) treat support people badly on the phone, but I at least told her that, although I'll pay and send it away, I'm not happy with it and that I can't, after that, buy from Lenovo again.

Paper Tape
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Re: New laptop switches from AC power to battery when playing a game.

I also have a similar problem only it occurs periodically during regular use. Looking at forums throughout the web it seems this is quite a common problem with Lenovo laptops. I am dealing with Lenovo through the store I bought the laptop from so at least am not having to pay for shipping. Lenovo would not just send a new AC adapter to the store but required the whole unit to be sent to them. Very frustrating experience as this is the second time it has had to be returned.  

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