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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎04-26-2012
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New motherboard price

I spilled coffee on my y570. I dried it for several hours and when I turned it on the screen was flicking and now is not working. Last time I tried to open it the screen was black but I heard the windows loading. Now is at the repairer's and they said that it might be the motherboard. Right now I'm waiting for them to finish the diagnosis but I would like to know how much would a new motherboard cost me

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Re: New motherboard price

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It still would have been 50/50 depending on how long you left it powered on with the damage, but I would have removed and cleaned the motherboard with distilled or deionized water, then dried it with a blow dryer for 20-30 minutes and then let it sit for a week to dry before trying it again. Actually you could have put it in the oven at a low temp for an hour or so. Well, maybe this will help the next guy :-). Good luck.