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Re: New video driver available from ATI for RADEON HD 5730...but no for LENOVO why????

It seems a good solution has been reached. Here's my follow up post. I did 3 things: 


1) did another system recovery to a much earlier time. Then followed all the above steps, uninstalling all the video drivers, cleaning drivers in the system (get a software to do that), made sure laptop bios was updated, re-installed the most important windows security updates (not all) and re-installed the latest drivers. 


2) installed speedfan to monitor chip and computer temperatures.


3) lowered the game's video settings to the lowest settings. 


This has now resulted in stable operations. Laptop temp does not exceed 88C anymore during games. The processor temperatures now stay just below 90C only occassionally spiking to 93C. As a result, in the past few days since my second to last post, I haven 't experienced sudden shut-down.


Once the warranty period is over, I plan to apply the silver thermal coating most have recommended on this forum.

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