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Posts: 7
Registered: ‎02-13-2009
Location: NY
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Newbie Needs Backup Drive Advice

I purchased an external HD for backup purposes,  (to backup my 530Y running Vista Home Premium) -- the drive comes with some sort of backup software which I doubt i'd use.


So... as a Windoze newbie I need the 101 on partitioning my drive --


I'd figured on 3 partitions:

 a. same size as my laptop's C drive (this to be mirror of laptop, and set as bootable)

 b. same size as the laptop's Lenova partition (D drive) -- duplicate of Lenova partition (also bootable?)

 c. Final partition remainder for incremental backups



Do I use Windows "Disk Management"? to do the partitioning as described above?

Any reason not to format all as NTSF?

Do I assign Drive Letters? if so, what letters would I want?


Any advice on easy to use STABLE, incremental backup up software that allows user control what to backup.

The emphasis is on stable, I'd rather pay a few bucks for software that's likely to be around for awhile and has proper support.


ANY other advice - or gotcha's I should look out for? Sorry to have to ask such dumb questions, I really a mac user, so I'm ignorant of any windoze/vista limitations/concerns.


Thanks, xandra