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What's DOS?
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No "Lenovo Energy Management" for Windows 10?

I have the a Lenovo Y 40-70. I've upgraded to Windows 10 and I need the "Lenovo Energy Management" program in order to fix the battery gauge, which is giving me inaccurate readings (battery dies when it's showing between 30-40%) On the Y 40-70's support page, the Energy Management driver for Windows 10 is some sort of corrupt file, only 1mb and it wont open.


Any idea what's going on? The link to the faulty download file is here:


I know my battery gauge problem has to do with a driver in the device manager called "Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller." Sadly I haven't found a way to disable this thing in Windows 10. If Lenovo has an incompatible driver on their systems, the least they can do is provide software for Windows 10 that will remedy the situation. They've got me running in circles.

Paper Tape
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Re: No "Lenovo Energy Management" for Windows 10?

I have a Lenovo Y40-70. Same as obesechipmunk, I've upgrades to windows 10, and the battery gauge is also giving me inaccurate reading of the battery. My battery is stuck at 8% when plugged in, and it estimates 10 hrs to fully charged. The laptop doens't seem to configure with the battery.


I tried uninstalling Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller and reinstalling, but it doesn't work.


I updated my energy mangament using the following link:

However, it doesn't seem to fix the problem.


This is very upsetting. My warranty just expired for 1 month. 



What's DOS?
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Re: No "Lenovo Energy Management" for Windows 10?

Just Use the Lenovo Vantage

And we're back...

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