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Paper Tape
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No screen backlight on Y500

Hi all,


Was hoping I'd never have to post a problem in this forum but never mind back to the point! I've had my y500 for just over a year (and just gone out of warranty) its been an excellent machine until the past few months really. Firstly it started off with the HDMI flickering and losing connections with an external monitor and tv's (seems like either a dodgy cable or the HDMI port is on its way out) and now the laptops backlight has completely gone. At the time I wasn't even using the laptop it was merely sitting on my desk. I bought the thing off of amazon because it had the 1080p display and because it was cheaper, don't really know if that affects anything but hey...


What I've done so far is scour the internet looking for answers but none seem to have had a similar problem, the most I've come up with from this is that there is a fault with the actual screen/components itself.. I've also rolled back my nvidea driver to a version that I know worked and that did bugger all.


As I've been writing this I pressed to Screen Backlight toggle button (FN+F2) and the screen did come on, for a fairly long while, then I left for a moment and it had auto dimmed, moving the mouse caused it to come back on, and then after a while again, it went off!


I'm currently at a bit of a loss because I'm off to uni on Sunday and I'm going to be needing my laptop. I'm far from a technophobe so if there is anything technical anyone can suggest ill be sure to give it a try!! Also, if you need more info I'll get it to you!


Any help therefore is greatly appreciated and hugely welcomed!

Thank you!!


On a side note, does anyone know where the type number for this laptop is, I need it if I want to check my warranty info? I know the serial no. is under the battery but I don't see a type number?

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-23-2014
Location: United Kingdom
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Re: No screen backlight on Y500

For anyone interested I managed to fix the issue... it turned out to be that there was some crap that looked like it had burnt on top of one of the screens capacitors/resistors.


All I did to fix this was reach under the plastic static cover and clean it off with a Q-Tip, probably rather stupidly I admit I left the computer on the whole time so I could tell whether or not it was working again. Nothing bad came of doing that but I don't recommend it to anyone! 

For some reason my laptop no longer charged after doing that (I left the battery out the entire time so while I was clipping the bezel back on it randomly cut out, who knows why...) and after much testing I concluded there was nothing wrong with it so I tried turning it on again and it decided to work so if you have that problem then you're on your own.


Hopefully that helps someone but I doubt its a common issue...

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