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Punch Card
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Notebook repairing?!? ...



I bought a new Y560 two or three months ago. The notebook worked for only 2 weeks then the graphic card stopped working. So I sent the notebook to the repair center. The online repair tracker says, that the notebook arrived there on 28 November 2010. Now we have the 05 January 2011. The status of the repair tracker is just the same: "Waiting for replacement". It seems that a new graphic card is hard to get...


But I can't understand why it takes sooooo long. I spent about 860 euros for this notebook and all I got was nothing... This is absolutely crap! I need the notebook, because my old one stopped working and I'm a software engineerer.


I expect from lenovo that they solve this issue as quick as they can from now on! An compensation for the long waiting time would also be a nice step to the customer...


So on,


Lenovo Staff
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Re: Notebook repairing?!? ...

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HI vHofer,

I'm sorry for what you are facing now. I understand the frustration, however, i think the delay could be due to many parties seeing that there were holidays for Christmas and New Year.

Let me see what i can help. Before that, i would like to share with you that this is a peer-to-peer discussion community therefore there is no dedicated online support in this channel. The better way is still check with the service centre and discuss for the best repair time.

Do you mind to share with me your details ? Send me a private message.

  • Full Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Machine Type model
  • Serial Number
  • Case number with service centre

Looking forward to receiving your private message.


Thank you for your patience.


Best regards,



T410, x240

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Punch Card
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Y560 graphic card crashed again!! Lenovo read this!

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In October 2010 I bought the IdeaPad Y560 i7 with the ati5730. This was a big failure, so far. The notebook was working for 1 week, then the display started flickering and then after 2-3 days the graphic card crashed totally (black screen). Then I sent it to the lenovo repair center (I'm from Austria). After about 2 months and some emails with the community moderator I got my notebook back. It was a new one, with preinstalled windows 7 home premium and a new ati 5730. It also had the new bios version installed.


I was happy then, because the notebook worked again... But not like it should. There was no sound and the first thing I saw bas a blue screen!! I was able to solve the problem with the sound on my own (the cable wasn't plugged in). Now after 1-2 month the notebook again crashed. I was normally working on the windows gui and suddenly the display started flickering (many different colours), so I shut it down. Now I cab't see anything, graphic card crashed totally. I also made a so called hardware reset (press the power button about 30 seconds when the accu is unplugged), but it didn't helped.


I'm so unsatisfied with the current situation. I'm a student and programmer and for me, it is impossible to work with a notebook which can stop working at any time (and so often...). The service line told me that the only thing I can do is, to send the notebook again to the repair center, because only if you have sent the notebook three times to the repair center you can make a deal about getting your money back... :/


For me the act of sale from the side of lenovo isn't fulfilled until now!! I spent about 840 euros to get a good working notebook and all I got was a machine which crashes every 3 months!


I anticipate a reaction from the lenovo helpline or manager or so on. Otherwise I have to contact the consumerism.


Yours Viktor Hofer


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Re: Y560 graphic card crashed again!! Lenovo read this!



Thanks for coming back and keeping us posted on your ongoing experience with your Y560.   I'm sorry that this hasn't been a great experience for you so far.  I'm certainly sympathetic to the situation in which you feel you are spending more time fixing the computer than using it for the purposes you bought it for.   


Please send me your contact information - name, address, phone, and also the serial number of the system and we can escalate the matter and see what can be done to help you get this resolved.


Best regards,





Punch Card
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Re: Y560 graphic card crashed again!! Lenovo read this!

I have already sent you my contact informations!

Yours Viktor Hofer
Punch Card
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Re: Y560 graphic card crashed again!! Lenovo read this!

Viktor, did you get a reasonable answer from LENOVO about this??


I am in a similar situation, my y560 stop working after a few month, a graphic card problem it seems, went to warranty service, more than two months waitning (bought a DELL XPS that is my working laptop now!!!), laptop seems to be working when returned, but I din not used it much until a few weeks before.  I was trying to set it for home gaming purpose and... puff, the video hangs (black or frezee) every time something too heavy, like a 3Dmark test tries to run there..... checking a bit more, I realized that original switch funcionality was not even there, did a full factory recovery, plus updated last BIOS and drivers, and the same behavior....for me this is just a probe of crappy and expensive products based just in a brand that is not been backed with a good desing and construction.  Now I just thinking with parts can I take for selling or spare before throwing this crap to the garbage....

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