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Paper Tape
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Nvidia 8400M GS problems? Esp. Heat

I have a Lenovo 3000 y410 with a Nvidia 8400M GS chip.


Recently i have found the computer to be very hot, particularly underneath near the area where the GPU is located. Using a program HWmonitor, i found that using no programs, my GPU temp is at 65C, going as high to 75C when under load.


At first i thought this was a problem with my fan, but as it turns out, there is a lot of information on the internet aboutNvidia producing faulty G84, and G86 GPU's.


Here's a link to a blog on zdnet about this issue.


So my question is, are the GPU's used by lenovo affected? (well at least i believe my GPU chip is)


If so, what remedies are available, such as:

1) Bios update to make fan stay on 100% (reduce battery life but at least the GPU wont die)

2) third party programs such as Rivatuner or Speedfan to adjust GPU usage fan?

3) Copper mod?

(found this walkthrough for the Dell model specfically dunno if it applies here

"Dell XPS M1330 Notebook with nVidia GeForce 8400M GS GPU has an inadequate Thermal Cooling Assembly. It uses a Thermal Cooling Pad between the GPU and the GPU Thermal Cooling Assembly instead of a direct contact between the two with a Thermal Compound. This leads to overheating the GPU and damaging it along with other components. The solution is to replace the existing Thermal Cooling Pad with a Copper Sheet and a Thermal Compound."


4) My notebook currently is under warranty, is there a solution here?



Paper Tape
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Re: Nvidia 8400M GS problems? Esp. Heat

If nobody wants or can address the issue of the Graphics card, then perhaps maybe if there is anyway to change the fan settings so that my GPU fan is constantly running (dell and HP have released BIOs updates for this fix) sacrificing battery power for a fan that spins constantly.

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Re: Nvidia 8400M GS problems? Esp. Heat

Most of failure nVidi chips were G86. Besides, nVidia said that to the time when they noticed that and published it, all factories were already producing normal chips.

Lenovo was not  affected by this.


75 celsius degrees is about to be not that high to be worried. For example, mobile intel processors have cap of 100-110 celsius. If your temperature was 90 celsius - that'd be really high.

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Re: Nvidia 8400M GS problems? Esp. Heat

can anyone please give me the details of nvidia 8400m gs 128mb ddr2 model

default device settings..

clock speed.shader ,memory

actually my laptop is y410 775756q

i mistakely change my gpu clock speed

now it hangs and said memory error

at present mylaptop desplys this speed by using riva tuner

Standard 2D    GPU: 169 MHz, Shader: 338 MHz, Memory: 100 MHz

Low-Power 3D    GPU: 275 MHz, Shader: 550 MHz, Memory: 200 MHz

Performance 3D    GPU: 400 MHz, Shader: 800 MHz, Memory: 400 MHz

please said the default values of standerd2d,low power 3d,performance 3d

and kindly said how to change this values


waiting for reply

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