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OEM or Retail win8 SL for clean install in Y500?

I want to do a clean install of windows 8 on my Y500. While browsing through the forum I came across a solution wherein a clean install was advised through a RETAIL Win8 SL disk. That it will automatically  recognise the pre-loaded key in BIOS.


But on other forums i found for issues as such to be clean installed using an OEM copy of the win8 (leaked ones) and that if Retail version is used , problems come with activation with the pre-loaded key.


1. So which version shall I use...  A retail win8 64 bit sl disk or the OEM one?


2. can I use the win 8 pro x64 retail (or OEM version) ISO to install "win 8 single language" on my Y500?


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Re: OEM or Retail win8 SL for clean install in Y500?

OEM copy of Windows 8 varies from different PC makers


So to answers your questions


1) Use a Windows 8 Single License instead of OEM to clean install


2) It's not possible to install the Windows 8 SL using the Windows 8 pro retail disc. If you use the pro disc, it will install Windows 8 pro no matter what and you would need a separate key to activate it. However, you can modify the Windows pro installation disc to let it install as Windows 8 SL (core edition) and even set the channel to OEM or Retail by following this link: 

I don't know if this method will detect your BIOS windows 8 key, but I think it's the only way to use the Windows 8 pro disc (need to copy the data to a USB drive) to install Windows 8 SL.

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