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OKR not seeing external drive for image

I have a Z580 that was reset to factory settings, and an image was also made but because it was too large for D, (44GB) it was placed on an external HDD, named G.  Now when OKR starts, it does ask for an image file if it was made, but it only sees C and D drives, not the G drive where the image is.  Is there a workaround?   Why is D drive so small if it was made for backups?  C is over 800 GB, but D is just a tad over 20 GB.  The default is for any image to be made on D.

Is there a way to see the image files and recover the data?

Update: I finally got the image files.  What happened is that the image was placed on a FAT partitioned 160 GB external HDD.  I transferred all the files, (over 160 files) to another SATA drive partitioned under NFTS, and set it as active.  It took about half an hour for OKR to work it's magic.  Someone gave me a hint on another forum, because the image was in files just a bit over 300MB, all of them same size, except last one.

I hope this helps someone else that may encounter this problem or just wants to make an image for back-up purposes.  OKR is great!!!

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