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Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

Mine shipped on 12/15/09 (Ordered 12/03/09) and now it is in Louisville, KY and UPS has written this:


 12/21/200910:44 A.M.IMPORT SCAN
 12/21/200910:30 A.M.IMPORT SCAN
 12/17/20099:38 P.M.ARRIVAL SCAN
 12/17/20094:30 P.M.DEPARTURE SCAN
 12/17/200912:18 A.M.EXPORT SCAN
 12/17/200912:11 A.M.HUB SCAN
Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

I have a Y530 Idepad i bought about a year ago and up now I had absolutely no ground for complaint. Unfortunetaly two days ago my adapter died  on me .The troublesome part is I bought my computer in france and I m now living in japan . On top of that lenovo japan don t make this model and don t support it . I spent my day in akihabara ,one of of the biggest place in the world when it comes to tech ,and even in a IBM-lenovo shop they just don t have it. Didn t have a better chance with japanese websites it s either not in stock or coming soon and when I contact them to get more details the coming soon becomes someday. And for this voltage and amperage there is no alternative.

So I finally decided to place an order in the closest country I spoke the language , that is United states . But it seems like lenova usa don t deliver outside usa.Same goes for other online shop. So how do I get my hand on this adapter ?

I have work related documents on this pc and even if I saved part of my files online ,I couldn t get all of it .So I desperately need to make it work . And I mean fast . It s totally insane , it seems like I m gonna be compelled to buy a brand new pc worth hundred of bucks just because of a component  which is worth 40 dollar at best is dead  and it won t even get me back my documents.

Is there any way to get either   Lenovo 90W AC Adapter or   Lenovo Y Series 90W AC Adapter  delivered in japan fast ?


thanks in advance

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

akifbayram, I think your laptop must have come in on the same shipment cos I've got all the same dates with slightly different times on some of them.. I spoke to someone at UPS and they say its supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  I'm not holding my breath. 

Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

jimbosan wrote:

jimbosan wrote:

jimbosan wrote:

jimbosan wrote:

jimbosan wrote:

jimbosan wrote:

Mark, I just checked on my order status again and the estimated ship date has been moved back still another 10 days to 12/14.  My history:

Oct 28-ordered laptop

Nov 16-laptop arrived with Vista instead of the Win7 ordered.

Nov 17-spoke w/Tom Battle and given an RMA for the defective unit and he took the order for a replacement with the promise to do what he could to expedite my order forward in line for the replacement to help minimize the loss of use and partially make up for the error.  Within a couple days an estimated ship date of Nov 25 appeared online.

Nov 25- goes by with no shipment.

Nov 26-new estimated ship date appears of Dec 4.   I try repeatedly to contact Tom by voice mail and email for help in finding out why and if possible expediting the process; I never heard back.  I posted 3 restrained complaints and a request for Mark's help in resolving the problem; one post was moved, the others deleted by the moderator.  PM'd Mark re these issues and still no response.  I tried calling to cancel my order twice but gave up after more than an hour on hold.   After cooling down I decided to wait and see if it would ship on Dec 4.

Dec 4- goes by with no shipment

Dec 5--new estimated ship date appears of Dec 14.

Dec 14???  Over 6 weeks from initial order with no reason to believe it will ship even then.

I'm not happy with Lenovo service and support.   I will be calling sales on  Monday Dec 7 to try to either fully resolve this through some form of satisfactory restitution or cancel the order.          

I still have never received any response to this nightmare from Mark or anyone working for Lenovo on this forum.   Nor any help from Lenovo's North American sales.  I called again on Dec 7 and after another long wait was put through to still another person who couldn't tell me what was delaying the order or when it might ship.  He said he would contact the sales person regarding this order and instead sent the information to the wrong person.   They couldn't give me any information at all either and were unwilling to anything in the slightest to help make up for the mistakes, continual delays and loss of use and enormous waste of my time.  I gave up and canceled the order and I'm waiting for the final cancellation confirmation which is supposed to take two days to process through China.  Hope others here fare better than I did.

12/9    I emailed the contact person who was supposed to cancel the order to verify that the cancellation had been confirmed.   He emailed back that his cancellation request had been rejected today by the warehouse and that he was resubmitting the cancellation request again.


12/11   I emailed the contact person again to confirm that the order had finally been cancelled.  The rep emailed back that "I submitted the request twice and the warehouse has rejected the request both times.  Once you receive the order you can return it without any restocking fees."    So  on top of everything else I have to go through the hassle of doing still another return because of their incompetence.  I wonder if I can just refuse delivery and have UPS return it to China?


12/14/09  I was not able to call P yet. 


1/25/10  I did check my latest order status however and it has now, with expedited shipping, been moved back a further month and a half; now it gives January 25th as the new estimated ship date.  Three months after my original order.  Yet the factory is not capable of cancelling the order and once it arrives I have to mess around with it?


Still ongoing:

12/15 Called (press 3 for sales not 5; 5 was for parts) and was put through to PXXXXXX.  Sounded helpful and said he would look into it and call back.

12./16 Called  toward end of his day; was told he went home early (sick).

12/17 Called and he was out sick.

12/18  Called and left message.  Apparently he tried to call me while my wife was on the phone.  Called again and left message but didn't hear back.  Will try to reach him again on Monday 12/21.

12/20  Sunday.  Received generic email from Lenovo saying that because of high demand they have been unable to ship my order but are working hard to fulfill my order.  "However, If we do not hear from you within the next 5 days, Federal regulations require us to automatically cancel your order for which you will receive a full refund. If you would like to keep your order open, just send us an email by clicking the link below."     Promises, promises.


12/21 Monday.   No return call back from Parker.  He was going to look into either compensation or confirmed cancellation.  Forgot to call him yet again until it was too late in the day.


12/22 Tuesday.   Called Lenovo to reach Parker and while on hold saw that I had an email from the sales person who had been assigned my on line order back on October 28th.   It said my order was canceled effective 12/22.   I went to my order to verify and it was true - it no longer existed.


 I placed an order last Thursday from another company with a high service and reliability reputation [unlike Lenovo which has no concept of customer service and whose laptops are listed as dead last for product reliability by Consumer Reports] for another laptop with similar cost (after manufacturers rebate) and setup.   It is scheduled to be delivered today.  My Lenovo ordeal is apparently over but it created a tremendous amount of frustration and left an equal amount of ill will toward anything Lenovo.   You mileage may vary.   Good luck.


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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

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2010 IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion



We are sunsetting the 2009 shipping discussion thread, and starting a  -->new one for 2010 here <---

Please continue the discussion of 2010 IdeaPad U & Y series notebook order & fulfillment topics there.

Best regards

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