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Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

Unbelievable , and added with arrogant response from Lenovo's agent.. i have no words


Order date : 4/23

Ship Date ver 1 : Week of 5/8


Ship Date ver 2 : Week of 5/15 ( after lots of talks & escalations)


Ship Date Ver 3 ( as i'm told today) : week of 5/22

Blue Screen Again
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

Similar situation here...

Ordered a y450 may 6, est shipping was may 13.  Shipping date is now may 29 :/


I even got a promotional email from lenovo yesterday advertising all of the new Y*50 laptops.  How can they promote and "sell" a laptop that they obviously haven't even manufactured yet.  1 month+ delays are ridiculous.

Paper Tape
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Order taking too long to process...

I placed and order on Lenovo's web site on April 30, 2009 and as of today May 14, 2009 it is still showing "in process".  Is this a common problem with Lenovo when placing orders?  They advertise their products and when you order them it seems to take a century to receive it.  Each time I call to inquire about the status I get "the order has been sent to the warehouse for processing and it is being expedited", well I guess the warehouse must be in "tem-buck-too" and I am in the US.  I think this is totally uncalled for...where is Customer Service?  Smiley Sad
Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

So, along with my estimated ship date being pushed back to 5/26 (originally 4/30), I notice that Lenovo's products page now indicates an 11 day wait for the top-of-the line Y650. Clearly this is some progress; the original 4-day wait time was grossly inaccurate

Paper Tape
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Re: Order taking too long to process...

[ Edited ]

I'm having a similar problem.  I ordered April 29th, was estimated to ship today.  I just logged on now it says June 18th and still says In Process........


Now on top of that, I ordered a laptop from the Outlet, it was supposed to ship to a different address that my CC company has on record.  I get the confirmation today and it's shipping to my billing address which is a problem since no one is there during the day. In the email it includes the email address of someone to contact with problems.  So I wrote an email explaining my problem shortly after I got this email and shortly later I got a email saying it could not be delivered that email address doesn't exist.  Great so they are telling you to contact people who aren't real.  Then I call and am told I can't change my address now I'll have to watch the tracking closely have some idea when it will be here, though with how inaccurate things are that will be hard to know for sure, and take the day off.  I'm just hoping that these 2 laptops are worth this trouble. 

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Punch Card
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Re: Order taking too long to process...

I wouldn't put to much emphasis on the generated date. I ordered my Y450 two days ago, well after you, and its scheduled to ship June 10th. I think what happened with yours is because the status didn't change on the ship date, it regenerated the shipping date based on if you had ordered the day it changed. So technically it thinks you ordered it the 14th which would generate a ship date after mine. I would call lenovo and harrass their customer service for an actual answer.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

Well, I sent an email to asking why my order was delayed, and this is the reply I got:


I understand you want to know the reason why the order has been delayed. I see that we sent you an email about the delay the email was sent on the 13th of May. The reason why the order was delayed is because we have a huge constraint on the Y series. We apologize for the inconvenience caused you. We appreciate your time and patience with us.


 At least they're being honest now.

Fanfold Paper
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Don't think for a second that they are "finally honest" with shipment dates



For those who have not read my previous two posts, I think it is fair to say that I have been more than patient with Lenovo. I have anxiously waited for the Y450 since it was announced at CES many months ago and have finally decided it is time to cancel my order.


The sole purpose of this post is to inform others what I have gone through so they can make an informed decision regarding their own situation. I will do my best to keep it as brief as possible while still including the major points of relevance. I suspect many of you will find something similar has happened to you already. (All names have been removed as I’m not trying to single any person out. Though I do find it odd that the Lenovo rep’s have recently disappeared from this thread…) 


Tuesday, April 28th

Order Placed for the $999 top build Y450 (Model: 418939U) (I paid less w/ a coupon)


Monday, May 4th

I called Lenovo to ask why the price on the order status page differed from that on my order confirmation email – and why I have yet to be charged. I was told there was nothing to worry about, the website is wrong. (note: this order status page has consistently been called useless by every Lenovo rep throughout the entire process)


Friday, May 8th

I called on my ESD to see why the status hasn't changed from "in process" and was told that my credit card was "rejected". To see how far they would go into this fabled story, I asked why I didn't receive any notice of this, the reason for rejection, etc. I finally said "this is impossible" to which I was told "No sir, I assure you your credit card was rejected".  When I told him I submitted a payment with PayPal (linked directly to my bank account) he backed off, put me on hold for 5 mins (obviously looking for a new excuse) and came back with apologies. 

His "solution" was that he told the warehouse to continue with the order and that he will have a status update in 24-48 business hours (which will carry over the weekend). I asked if this would push me back to the next round of shipments (which seem to be every 12-15days) and was told "no sir, I marked your order as 'urgent'"... at this moment I truly felt he knew that I was fully aware he was lying. It was almost as if he was communicating: "look I'm saying what I have to say" (note: at that point in time I have read seven other instances of the EXACT same issue I've encountered – many of them received the same response -- as in: exact same responses, situations and excuses -- verbatim)


Monday, May 11th

The laptop dropped in price to $899 on the website. I called to ask for an update along with a price match. The seemingly nice, honest and well spoken agent said he will send the price adjustment to the billing department for correction in such a way that it would not move my order to the back of the line. He also said he would fix the incorrect shipping charge and both issues would be resolved on the order status page within two business days.

This agent also said (something along the lines of): "We didn't expect such a large response when the product went live. We couldn’t meet the demand. Ignore the estimated ship date on the site - There is no reason to lie to you, the ship date I'm seeing is May 28th."

He also assured me that he will personally manage my order proactively and will let me know if anything changes. He then provided me with his direct email address saying it’s the best way to reach him.

Keep in mind, regardless of the supposed backorder, my friend purchased the machine within hours of it’s posting on the site (either April 20th or the 21st – I can’t recall) and hasn’t received his order to date. I find it hard to believe that they still don’t have enough machines to ship those placed within the first half day. In addition, I’ve been to MANY laptop forums and websites – I have YET TO FIND A SINGLE PERSON WHO RECEIVED A Y450. With that said, this guy seemed sincere and since all I wanted was the truth, I decided to wait.


Friday, May 15th

I notice the order status page now has an ESD of June 11th, the price is still wrong and the shipping charge is still on the page. I sent the following email to the agent who was “watching my account”:

“Hi XXX,

When we last spoke you said that the estimated ship date is auto generated and should be ignored. With that said it now suggests a date (6-11-09) that is far beyond what you stated (end of May). Which is correct?

Additionally, I was told the price would be adjusted and the shipping charge would be removed. Neither of these has yet to be reflected on the status page.

Is there any further information you can provide?

Thank you,


Order# ZZZ”

Within 30 minutes I received a response:

“Hello YYY,

I am glad that you wrote. I was actually notified today that due to issues with PayPal, your order is no longer valid.  Because of issues such as these, we no longer use PayPal. Unfortunately, due to this your order was cancelled. We can rebook the order under the new price if you would like.  I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.



Now it is clear he is giving me the same runaround as the first guy. Don’t most businesses follow-up with customers for secondary forms of payment rather then just cancelling customers and throwing away money? My PayPal is fine is fine by the way – I’ve since used it to purchase goods for more money then this laptop. Additionally, it’s obvious he was saving this email until I contacted him, the “proactive account management” was false.


A call to Lenovo brought me to another agent who literally changed his story 3 times while placing me on a series of holds. He then had the nerve to say: “We are sorry for cancelling your order, but if you would like to place the order again via credit card we can hurry a laptop to you very quickly.”


So that’s my story, sorry for the long read but hopefully it will make some people think twice.


Oh, and my “cancelled order” still says it’s set for delivery on June 11th…

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

I almost purchased a Y5* Ideabook in default configuration (no extra RAM, etc...) but noticed that the estimated date of actual shipment would be June 15, almost 1 month from now--and then factor in 1 additional week of UPS ground shipping. I registered on this forum today to let Lenovo know that unfortunately I will not be ordering from the Lenovo outlet this time. It is pretty disappointing to have done research on the specs and almost pull the trigger to buy only to be turned off by the long shipment time!

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Re: IdeaPad Shipping / Order discussion

Guys, I was/am a frustated buyer since March 2009. After lots of attempts, and payments transactions going through, and wasted time and peace of mind ...... I decided to stop persuing. What Leveno did? ........... Ha ha ...... 1st time, after almost a month's delay, they send a defective Y430 that had dead pixel green line on screen (I guess do they at all do any quality check)........ and again after placing the order they kept delaying the order 4 times (over a month and half), basically they just raised their hands


Wake up. This company's commitment to customers is a junk (IMHO). What support do you expect from them when in first place before buying they can not stand by their commitment.


I realized that late. Now I switched to Vaio and am quite happy. Save your time and peace of mind ...... beware of Lenovo.




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