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OneKey vs Acronis True Image Home

Greetings All,


Just received my IdeaPad Y550 and have been reviewing a lot a good info here.  I've removed most of the "bloatware" and spent way too much time getting the wireless to work but I think I'm there.


I tried using my Acronis TI-10 boot disk which boots up in Linux and provides similar functionality to the installed version. The problem I encountered was it didn't see the HDD, only my external connected drive that I planned to back up to.


After reviewing a lot of info regarding the OneKey app, I am not completely sure it is the best solution to providing an image of the entire drive (all the partitions)?


Can anyone comment, I'm especially interested in knowing if someone has successfully used Acronis TI and specifically which version and were you successful at creating and restoring a backup image (not a file or folder backup) of the entire drive.



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Re: OneKey vs Acronis True Image Home

I'm pretty sure Onekey does not make an image of the drive as a whole, only backing up the system partition (C: ).  I haven't used Acronis, but I've found Clonezilla works perfectly.  I've made a factory default image of my Y730's entire drive which, when reimaged, allows OKR functionality.  If Acronis works as a bit-for-bit imaging tool, then i'm sure you can get a full drive image.


Good luck!

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Punch Card
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Re: OneKey vs Acronis True Image Home

Thanks for the reply... I believe you're correct about OneKey performing only file and not image backups. I had a chance to evaluate the latest version of Acronis True Image 2009 Home and it seems much improved over the old TI-10 version.


I downloaded the trial and did an image backup through my home network and it worked great (unlike previous version). After getting an Acronis email offer I sprang for the ($14.99) upgrade and did both an image backup and restore via the network and all is well.


So here is the question, since I now have bit-for-bit image backup capability, is there any reason to keep from formatting the drive, installing the Win7 (when it becomes available) on a single partition and blowing off the D-Drive?

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Re: OneKey vs Acronis True Image Home

You can do away with all partitions and install Windows 7 on the hard drive as long as you have at least one full hard drive backup using Acronis True Image. Restoring to this backup will keep OneKey fully functional. You never know when you will need it.

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Punch Card
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Re: OneKey vs Acronis True Image Home

Thanks for the confirmation... after using TI Home for a number of years I feel more confident about it than I do  Lenovo's OneKey. So when the Win 7 "upgrade" becomes available (if it does) I will inevitably blow off the D-Drive storage partition.


Speaking of which, the reason I mention "if it does" has to do with some recent inquiries I've been making at Lenovo customer service. Has anyone here been able to determine if Lenovo plans to actually supply it's customers with the MS upgrade disc or are they planning an image install disc (same as used by the factory to setup these systems).


The reason I ask is if they only provide an image disc, there will be no in-place upgrade option and all the settings and software (and trialware) will be the same as when new. Granted a clean install is always preferrable to in-place install but if they do only supply an image disc then it seems only fair not to call it an "Windows 7 Upgrade" which misleads ppl and charge questionable handling fees (U.S. customers +$17).


After all, they are advertising this as an "Windows 7 Upgrade" but no one at Lenovo can confirm which option they will go with - food for thought.


LOL, all this may be moot if they never get their act together and figure out the serial number issue where legitimate owners are unable to register...

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Re: OneKey vs Acronis True Image Home

1) Win7 upgrade likely will be looking like just a disk that will upgrdae Vista not damaging any data or partitions.

2) To run Acronis TI 10 you probably need to change AHCI mode in BIOS

3) I use Acronis for very long time and agree it's a great tool, but still OKR has too much bennefits for just use at home in convenience to ignore it as a perfect tool - i use it though have all options of Acronis.

4) OKR 6 really makes a compressed image of C partition, but you also have an option to back up your files from C to D partition in case if your OS is damaged that badly that you need to restore it.

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