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Optimizing battery run time and battery life - Energy cut power management settings


I have a lenovo Z570 and am confused as to how to maintain the battery so as to enhance its lifetime. 

I normally keep my laptop connected to the AC - plugged in - even when it is 100% charged, and when there is a power cut the battery takes over. I have heard that perhaps I should drain out the laptop battery at least once a week to extend the life.  Is this the proper way to use the battery?



Keeping your battery charged to 100% all the time may reduce the lifespan of the battery.    If you open Energy Management and click on the button beside Optimize for Battery Runtime, you can choose to Optimize for Battery Lifespan.


This will limit the charge to 80% and it will lengthen the lifetime of the battery, although it will reduce the amount of time the laptop will run on each battery charge.  Some versions of the Energy Cut power manager will offer options to Optmize battery lifespan that will limit charge to 50%.


It is not necessary to completely drain out the battery once a week.


If you know that you're going to be using it on battery and need longer run times, then you can change the setting back to Optimize for Battery Runtime before you use it on battery.


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hongming On 2011-12-09, 8:42 AM

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hongming On 2011-12-09, 8:44 AM
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handcole On 2013-11-05, 21:02 PM

I'm using optimized battery power on my y510p.  What I don't understand is why the computer is shutting down if I leave it in Sleep mode overnight??

prjroberts On 2014-07-28, 18:28 PM

Hi all, - (not sure where I should be posting this)


I appreicate everyones good techinical advice on here, but my parents are putting a different problem to me with regards to batteries.  They believe it is better to charge the Laptop at night - (lower eletricty cost), and then use the laptops off mains during the day.  They believe this costs them less.  They don't really move the laptop away from the charging cables.


What do you all think? In days of energy savings as well as battery life?   I would love to know how much more (or less if I'm wrong) energy is used to charge the battery, compared to justrunning on mains.



They use Lenovo M370 and Lenovo Ideapad U310



Thanks in advance from a son who gets told he's using too much electricty.








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