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What's DOS?
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Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

My son has a Lenovo Y40-80 laptop. The harddrive is physically dead. It clicks and makes a terrible noise when powered up. I have a SATA->USB cable and tried accessing the drive using other computers, but no luck.


I have a new SATA harddrive to put into the laptop, but I am wondering how I will get the OS reinstalled. I know that on the forum, all other discussions are about using recover partition of the harddrive, but this harddrive is physically broken. 


I tried to see if I can get recovery media through the support website, but was told because my laptop is out of warranty I could not download or get any recovery media from Lenovo support.    I feel like if I buy a computer with an OS, I should at least be told what the registration code is for my OS so I can reinstall the software from media I have from other computers.   


Is there any other option besides just buying a brand new OS?

Bit Torrent
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Re: Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

If the computer came with Windows 8.1 or 10, then the Product ID is stored in the computers BIOS and is not required to reinstall Windows.  


You can download Windows Install media for Windows 8.1 and 10 for free from Microsoft using this link.    During installation, the product should be automatically detected, or if reinstalling Windows 10 (even after an upgrade) you can skip the product key and it will be detected after installation is complete.


If the system came with windows 7, then there should be a product key sticker affixed somewhere on the laptop.


BTW  I cannot believe that Lenovo will not send you recovery installation media for your system.   You cannot order them online in the USA, however, but you can order them by calling Lenovo support at 877-453-6686     


The Lenovo recovery disks may be preferred since they would create the original partition layout, and include all the proper drivers and Lenovo pre-installed software that came with your system when it was new. 


Good Luck,


Create installation media for Windows

What's DOS?
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Re: Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

Ok, I didn't realize the registration # was baked into the bios. Will give it a try. Downloading the media creation image onto USB now.



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Re: Physically dead harddrive, how do I reinstall os?

OR, you can:

1. Make a backup of the system of another working computer and restore it to the failed machine with a new hard disk connected. Then, you can run this computer with the same OS of the another working computer.

2. Get a new disk and clone or migrate the system of another working computer to the new drive. Insert the new disk into the crashed computer and boot it up with the new disk.

3. Use a image deploy software to deploy a system to the crushed machine with a new disk installed.

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