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Pixel and Hinge problem too soon...

I bought a Lenovo Y560 notebook on 16 Nov. 2010, and now within a month I discover that the hinges are busting off the plastic, a cracking sound of plastic comes from inside. The left hinge is really loosening from its support. Also, my 2-3 pixels are dead. These dark spots are really annoying and that too very soon. It's just a month and problems have started to show off. What the ? I didn't expect these too quick. This is really annoying.


Is it under warranty, or I can get my notebook replaced or is there any way that I can have my money refunded. Please if anyone knows about it, then reply soon.

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Re: Pixel and Hinge problem too soon...

my left hinge was also broken, took it at local ibm/lenovo service and thay fixed it in 3 days,
about the pixels, try the 'screen massage'
take use ur nail or something thats not sharpen and screen massage around dead pixels, it maight bring them to life, or try to call the warranty for pixels but i dont know whats the policy for dead pixels, but i dont think u will get a new laptop ...
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Monitor hinge Y560 :(

One of the clips that sustains my monitor is shabby, broke I don't know what happened ( one of the hinge is broke). I didn't notice until yesterday. I didn't drop it never. I don't know what to do. It is still in warranty. Will they repair it? I will go Tuesday to see what they say, but I can't have patience. Please, if somebody had the same problem I want to know how did they solve it. And if the warranty didn't cover it, how much it costs to repair it. It's not fair.I took care of it. When I don't use it I put it in his bag..

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Re: Monitor hinge Y560 :(

as markozutic wrote above, warranty should cover it.
contact lenovo support line.

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