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Paper Tape
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Please help! Lenovo Z50-70 problem

Hi guys, praying someone can help. I have a Z50-70. Last night laptop was working fine. I left it on overnight as I always do (shut the lid) and as I picked it up again this morning,  I plugged in an external hard drive. Lifted the lid, and I got nothing. The power/battery lights both come on, and I think I can still hear the hard disk spinning as normal when I turn it on, but I'm getting nothing on the screen. It's a blank screen, it doesn't have a back light like it should do once it powers on correctly. I'm wondering if I have messed up the boot configuration because I plugged in a USB component during start up. I have taken the battery out, done the 20 second power button press with both battery in and out, changed adaptors (we have a separate Lenovo with the same cables), tried turning it on with just battery, just cables and I am getting the same problem every time. Do you think it could be a motherboard or graphics card issue? I have a feeling it isn't. This has happened before and I just played around with the power supplies and eventually got it back to life, but I'm not having such luck today. Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED. I've been quoted £230 for a new motherboard and heat sink, but would love to fix this problem without the cost.


Also I should add I have connected to an external monitor and it still doesn't come up with anything. 


Edit: I saw a solution about taking out the adaptor, the battery, holding the power button for 12 seconds and then trying to start it up using the novo button. 


I have done this and the situation remains the same. 😭 the laptop comes on with either the power or novo button, but still a blank screen. 


Caps lock and num lock do not have power. 


Thank you. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Please help! Lenovo Z50-70 problem

Hi There,


I would speculate it's a heat issue.

Is your fan in and outlets clear of dust and gunk?

If they are, to test, put your laptop in the freezer for 10 -15 minutes take it out and turn it on.

it may take a few seconds longer than usual, but if it does, let us know on here and we can take it further.



What's DOS?
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Re: Please help! Lenovo Z50-70 problem

I too have the same problem . did you get it resolved ?

Paper Tape
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Re: Please help! Lenovo Z50-70 problem

Put the laptop on the freezer? Are you kidding?
Do you know something about water condensation?

People, put your laptop on a freezer it's going to destroy it with a 99% chance. If some water it's condensed inside the laptop, it's going to short-circuit the logicboard and make problem worst.

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