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Possible upgrades on Lenovo 3000 Y200 6469-22R laptop (Winnie The Pooh Edition) ?

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I have a Lenovo 3000 Y200 6469-22R laptop (Winnie The Pooh Edition) that comes with a small hard disk partitioned to C and D partitions.
The Vista OS is installed on the C partition (20 GB), where I have now only 900 MB of free space.
I wanted to use this problematic state to do the following:
  1. Change the internal disk to a larger disk
  2. Install Windows XP and ubuntu instead of the Vista.
  3. Enlarge the memory on the machine.
This raises few questions:
  1. Do I need to install a SATA-1 disk, or will SATA-2 disks will work also on the Y200 ?
  2. What's the largest hard disk I could use ?
  3. Do I need to use a 5400RPM disk, or will a 7200RPM disk work also ?
  4. Will the machine accept two 1 GB DDR2 memory chips ? Will it accept two 2 GB DDR2 memory chips ? 
  5. Do I need to use 667MHz DDR2 200pin memory chips, or could I use the 800MHz DDR2 200pin memory chips ?
  6. Any known problem with Y200 running ubuntu or XP ?
If anyone knows the answers to the above questions, or where is a good place to ask them, it'd be great.
P.S.: does anyone knows where can I find the support matrix for the Lenovo 3000 Y200 6469-22R laptop ? Are there Service Videos (e.g., like for the Y200 ?
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